Book Review- Circle of Friends


                   Circle of Friends, Maeve Binchy.

circle of friendsI loved this book! I first had to study it for my leaving cert in 2009 and I didn't really want to read it but once I started I could not put it down!!!  I found the moral of the story so touching!! Maeve Binchy is an incredible writer in every way. She really sucks you into the story and makes you feel like the characters in the book are your friends, especially in Circle of Friends.

This book is set in 1950's Ireland in a small village of Knockglen where Benny and Eve Malon have grown up and lived all their life with only one wish and aim, to get out of the sleepy village and make it to the big city of Dublin to go to UCD.

Circle of friendsOn their first day of college they meet a girl called Nan Mahon and also a handsome medical student called Jack Foley. From this point in Benny's life things get a lot more complicated that she ever thought they would. Benny and her new friends soon find that not everyone are as they seem and trouble soon finds its way into their lives. Before any of them know it they find the independence they have all wanted for so long, along with love, passion and tragedy in both their home village of Knockglen and the big city of Dublin.

circle-friends-dvd-cover-artReading this story really made you feel for these girls just like you would your real life friends. The late Maeve Binchy really knew how to tap into a readers emotions and all the emotions your reading about real to you. It is a definite must read and well worth the time it takes to read 722 pages :)

  This book was also made into a film staring Chris O'Donnell, Minnie Driver, Alan Cumming and Colin Firth. For the most part the movie stays true to the book. However, if you do watch it be prepared for a different ending than the book. Personally I can not decide which ending I like the best, I like them both the same.........

So why don't you give the book and the movie a go and step into the world of Knockglen and 1950's Ireland and decide for yourself ???? :)

Happy reading :)

Choi for now,



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