Bucket list!!!


bucket list Hi Guys,

Okay so everyone has told me I have to have a bucket list and since I am bed bound with this stupid cold and can't go to college (you can just sense that I am so down about not having to make that one and a half hour journey to Dublin :-P ) I have decided to make my list :)

  1. I want to go on a great road trip with my friends.Irish-Road-Trip

  2. Travel to Egypt.

  3. Fall in love.

  4. Have the perfect Valentines day.

  5. Adopt a puppy from the pound.

  6. Watch a stage performance.

  7. Go to New York.

  8. Get a tattoo.

  9. Finally get to Disneyland in Florida!!!

  10. Go on a carnival date.

  11. Go to Paris Fashion week.

  12. Have my designs make it!

  13. Go and see the Hollywood sign.

  14. Be in 2 places at once.

  15. Get Married.

  16. Have Kids (I always said I didn't want them but I think I do :) )

  17. Go Snowboarding.

  18. Sleep under the stars.

  19. Go to a really haunted house.

  20. Graduate college.college-graduation

  21. Make a proper Snowman.

  22. Eat pasta in Rome.

  23. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain.

  24. Go to a music festival.

  25. Go to Bora Bora.

  26. Sleep in a glass igloo and sleep under the northern lights in Finland.

  27. Visit the Eiffel Tower at Christmas.Eiffel Tower in winter

  28. Visit New York at Christmas.

Well that is all I can think of so I will be adding more over the times when I think of more. But right now all I get is tissues, my bed, my cat and blankets :)

Does anyone else have a bucket list? What else should I want to do before I die???? :)

Choi for now :)



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