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Hi Guys,

I got creative today and decided to knit. I know knitting probably sounds really out there but I love knitting :D Anyways I decided to knit, I guess you could call it like a clutch bag..... Anyway this is how it turned out :)


I am sooooo happy with this. I am going to try and make more things to see what I can come up with. I never truly realized how much knitting relaxed me.... I was very shocked!!! 

What you will need :)

  • 1 pair of 9mm knitting needles

  • 3 Different colored normal double knit wools

  • A button

  • A wool sewing needle

You can make these bags to any size or color you want there are no rules it is all about free reign and being creative :)

So to start off you just cast on as many stitches as you want depending on how wide you want your bag to be. When you cast on you need to use all three colors of wool at the same time and cast on just the same as you would if you were using only one strand.  So it looks something like this..... DSCF6344

Once you have the desired amount if stitches cast on start with a knit row followed by a purl row (sticking stitch). Continue this stocking stitch until the desired length of your bag is achieved so you get something like this...... DSCF6332

Then fold your knitted sheet in half (the wrong way so you have your finished side on the inside) and sew the sides of your bag up. To sew these sides thread your wool needle with a length of the three colors of wool you are using so you have something like this that is half of the size of your full length.... DSCF6335 DSCF6334

For the flap of the bag you cast on as before and stocking stitch as before for 6 rows (or more depending on the size of your bag) and then continue and decrease by one stitch at the beginning and end of every row until the end, this will create a triangle shape that looks like this....DSCF6337

Sew this triangle to one side of the bag to create a flap and turn it inside out so you have your finished look like this....DSCF6338

Add a loop at the end point of the triangle large enough to fit your chosen button through. Do this by repeatedly sewing through the same stitch but holding the loop so it does not close up, then sew your button into place, resulting in like this....DSCF6339 DSCF6341

You can make pockets to add to the bag by making smaller versions of the flap of the bag and sewing into place......DSCF6342

These bags are simple, don't take long to make and don't cost a lot to do. They are great as gifts as you can personalize them to the preference of the person you are making it for. DSCF6343

So why don't you get creative today :) Does anyone make gifts for people as presents? Do you like receiving presents that people have made for you? :)

 Choi for now :)



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