My new project


Hi Guys,

Okay so I got a new phone :) super happy and I have been taking so many pictures (and also got kinda addicted to Instagram, friends told me how addictive it is but I didn't believe them...... Whoops :P) So have decided to share some of the weird and wonderful things in my life so you can see all of the weird and wonderfulness that I experience all the time :D

Well this picture is one for my friends 21st. We are psychology students..... Sometimes I think we are the ones that need help!!

Red Bottom Shoe Collection LV!!

Love These..... The Day I can afford a pair of Louboutin shoes I know I have made it in my career..... They are so Pretty!!!!

Keep Calm and Carry On

I am obsessed with the Keep Calm and Carry On things!


My new phone that daddy surprised me with :D


I live my phone but I am kind bummed that I can no longer use my favorite blackberry case!

la candy

Book that I love :)


And finally........ My Happy Place, The Disney Store in Dublin City Center :D

I hope some weird and wonderful things happen for you this week and you get to visit your happy place :)

Love :D



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