My Week In Pictures: Week One


Hi guys,

Well I have been bound to my bed for the past week week with this cold so not had much interaction with things outside my room. However, it seems like I am well in the mend now which means I can get back to my life and college class and assignments.... Oh so much to catch up on :( Oh well.....

So here we go......

IMG_20130205_103616At the beginning of the week I woke up to a winter postcard outside my window, I was amazed.However, I was bed bound so I could not go out and try and enjoy it, but I did get a really cute picture :)

IMG_20130205_215430I got so bored that I decided to reorganize my mini collection of books that  I can fit into my room and thought about getting more out of my attic..... Then I realized it was really cold up there.

IMG_20130207_211741I decided to knit a bag :)

IMG_20130207_1757055 movies that gave me a good cry :'(

Screenshot_2013-02-10-18-30-00-1A small collection of my teddies :D

Screenshot_2013-02-10-18-29-52-1My 80's movie day!!!

Screenshot_2013-02-10-18-29-39-1And finally my cat Patch :D

Hope you all had a good week :)

Choi for now



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