Ball 2013 Dress and Shoes


hi guys!

Sorry got a little behind on my blogging due to assignments :( bohooo!!! Any time I have been on the internet is to look up different types of therapies.... Yes it sucked! But I have that assignment done now :D So one down and 2 assignments and a thesis to go! Anyway, enough about college work and onto something fun...... My college ball!!!!! :D

It is like 11 days away and I can not wait for it!1 It is such a good excuse to get dressed up in a dress and have really cute hair and make up (even if your not going to remember a lot of it, the photos make for very funny memories :D). We didn't have very long to look for dresses as we thought we had longer before the ball came around but oh well. So I had to find a dress in a hurry. I looked at so many sites and dress stores for a dress but I couldn't find one, but I eventually did..... in my attic of all places! And it is not a dreadful dress..... it is actually really cute... Classic black ball gown with some little detail ( can't show pictures yet of it just in case the boyfriend looks at the blog, I don't want him to see it yet!).

Ok, so once you have the dress what is next??? SHOES :D...... And every girl loves shoe shopping!!! You gotta decide flats or heals?..... ShoesFrom my experience I like to have a pair of heals and a pair of flats in case your feet start to KILL you! :(

My choice to go with my dress is a pair of sued peep toe heals.... Sure they will come off half way through the night but they are cute :) Along with a pair of flat shoes for when I can not be bothered with the heals anymore :Pshoes 2

Okay, so that is shoes and a little hint at my dress for today :) More on my Ball plans in the next post :)

How do you prepare for you formal?? Got anything you can not live without doing on the run up to you formal?

Choi for now,



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