Ball 2013 Flats Customized


Hi guys,

I have been searching for a pair of flat black shoes that are not too flashy but at the same time are not totally plain and I could not find any anywhere! So I decided to customize my own and here is how :)


I took a Pair of flat black shoes with a string bow and removed the bow.

I then took a bobby pin and cut half of one side off (as shown above).

I took about 50cm of black ribbon and made a very simple bow.

Then I glued the bobby pin short side to the back of the bow so it can be slid on a shoe and holds in place.

20130318_164246For my finished piece I used some old ear rings and put them on the center of the bow to add a touch of sparkle to them as these are not glued on they can be removed for when the occasion does not call for sparkle.

It is as simple as that to change some £5 dull shoes into something cute on a budget (This whole look cost me about £7.50!). You can use old costume jewelry that you have lying about the house and customize these to how you like so they are totally individual. As these bows are just clipped onto the shoes they can be taken off and used on a bag, a pair of heals and even in your hair and for any occasion.

So why don't you have a go at giving something a face lift with a simple bow :)

Choi for now,



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