Effortless curls


Hi, guys :)

So one thing I love in life is hair! (like most girls :P) I love spending loads of time on my hair experimenting with different styles for everyday or going out or just chillin in the house watching movies.

In the mornings I have to get up really early (about 5.30 am) so I can be on the bus to college, so four days a week I don't have hours to spend doing my hair. One of my go to styles are simple effortless curls. This is great as my hair is frizzy naturally and has a mind of its' own really (it aint a pretty sight).

These curls take only 20mins tops, so not long at all which is great for a cute style in no time :)

For this you will need: Hair Spray and a 1 inch curling iron (1.5 inch for larger curls).

1) I first wash my hair and before I blow dry it I apply some Shockwaves Shine and Anti-Frizz serum (Also has heat protection in it) and as I blow dry I focus on the roots to get volume into them.

2) Then I section off my hair (I like to do it in three layers as my hair is medium length and thickness, but depending on your hair length and thickness the amounts of sections will change) and work from bottom layer to top layers of hair.

3) I work with 1 inch thick sections spray with Tresemme Thermal Creations hair spray (contains heat protection) and curl under so that as I am curling I will get maximum lift at the roots (The thickness of these sections you curl will depend on the length and thickness of your hair) and hold there for about 20 seconds (times may vary depending on your curler and the temperature).

4) Repeat step 3 for the remainder of your hair.

5) I like to pull out my side fringe and blow dry it rather than curl it, I feel it gives it more bounce and volume :)


Effortless curls can look good on anyone for any occasion as shown by Reese Witherspoon......

Lauren Conrad(1)

      ....... And Lauren Conrad.......


and Victoria Beckham rocking effortless curls casually with her signature sunglasses :)

This is a quick style that can be adapted for any look, any occasion and any hair length :)

Okay girls so there is a quick 20 min hair style so there is not much excuse for bed hair in the morning. If I can do it at 5.30 am so can you :)

What do you like to do with your hair? Are effortless curls your go to? What styles do you like?

Choi for now,



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