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6758517"You'd this twenty-seven years would be enough time to wise up to the rules of love and loss, especially Rule Number 1: Do not, at any time, let him see how much he has hurt you.
But no, Izzy Keegan was probably off doings sambuca shots when that lesson was taught.
 So, starting with public humiliation (that famous blow-up with her ex and his new woman- huge mistake), and taking up temporary insanity, rebound sex, and a night in a police cell along the way, Izzy has to make up her own rules for coping with heartbreak.
Luckily she has friends who are there for her through think and thin (even if 'doing an Izzy' is their shorthand for completely losing it). And she's got her foot in the door of the film business (though dogsbody wasn't exactly the job she dreamt of doing). Now all she has to do is put the dirty cheating love-rat behind her.
You would think twenty-seven years would be enough time to wise up to the rules of love and loss. Make that twenty-seven and a bit...."

So, I have had this book "Hello, Heartbreak" a debuting book for Amy Huberman for about four years and read it probably about four times and it is amazing. I bought this book when I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I was going away on holiday and though it was a very apt book for what I was feeling at the time. However, it really cheered me up and I was engrossed in the story from the first paragraph to the last word! :)

Brian-ODriscoll-and-Amy-HubermanAmy Huberman is an amazing writer. Not only is she an amazing writer, no, she is married to and has a child with the one, the only, Irish rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll. This woman has it all!! And so has this book with tears, embarrassment and also laugh out loud funny moments. When I bought this book I did not expect it to be as uplifting as it was.

The story of this book is not hard to follow. It focuses on Izzy Keegan and how she gets over her ex-boyfriend Cian, and the humiliation she goes through to try and win him back. She tries to get over him with help from her friends and a little help from some yummy men.

Izzy begins the heartbreak cycle of locking herself in her bed room and not leaving for anything but work, but no matter how hard she tried she can't seem to try to let Cian go so her friends decide to force her to forget him. Letting go seems hard as his new girl is an up and coming actress who Izzy will soon have to work with. Seeing this Izzy realizes that she must let go of Cian and move on in her own way and while doing this she must make a few mistakes..... After all that's the point of life.

"Hello, Heartbreak" is an amazing read which will pull you into the life of Izzy and make you feel sorry for her. This is a story everyone can relate to, breaking up with a guy and then seeing them with their new girl and plummeting into a depression until we learn that they are not worth it and we deserve better. Izzy finds herself in some hilarious situations like drug busts, bumping into the ex at the shop when she looks like crap (as always seems to happen with me :P). All the characters in this book are developed wonderfully and they all add to the story.

I loved this book and  would recommend it to anyone and it has it all, something to made laugh, something to make you cry, and there is always something to make you fall in love with the characters. It has everything I am looking for in a good book so it is 5/5 from me and can not wait to get round to reading her new book :)

So if you like the sound of the book give it a go and let me know what you thought :)

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