If the sun aint there..... Take it into your room!


Today was really drab and wet and getting me down so I took the summer into my room with a photo shoot. I recently purchased a cream flower dress on sale which I am thing about wearing for my niece's holy communion in the summer. I loved it when I saw it but the only sizes they had were too big for me so I decided to team it with a brown platted belt and work my accessories around it. This is only one idea I have for the accessories for the dress so I may change them when it comes to wearing it in an months time..... Oh well.

This whole outfit I got from Pennys (Primark) were it was all on sale! I got the whole out fit (minus the shoes as I already had those) for around 15 euro!! Its crazy, so even if I do decide to change what I wear for the holy communion I am not losing out on much.... Happy days!
I love the back of the dress, I think it is so cute and if it is cold I just have to throw on a shawl or a little cardigan and it will still look as cute.
I think the brown shoes, belt and bag really add to the dress and I love how I found a bag with cold studs to match a pair of shoes I bought about two years ago!

So what do you think about this out fit? How would you ware this dress?


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