June Beauty Blog Challenge #JuneBBC


Hi Guys,

A good friends of mine Amy showed me this Beauty Challenge by Girl Friday. Throughout the month of June I will blog about one beauty product a day with each day having a different theme. 

These 30 topics include the following:
  1. Favorite Eyeliner Check It Out Here :)
  2. Favorite Brush Check It Out Here :)
  3. Favorite Hair Product Check It Out :)
  4. What's In Your Shower/Bath Check It Out :)
  5. Favorite Foundation Check It Out :)
  6. Disappointing Buy Check It Out :)
  7. Favorite Lip Products Check It Out :)
  8. Beauty Wish List Check It Out :) 
  9. Most Recent Beauty Buy Check It Out :)
  10. Favorite Nail Polish Check It Out :)
  11. A Bargain Buy You Would Recommend Check It Out :)
  12. An Item You Have Bought Because of Blogs/Vlogs Check It Out :)
  13. Make Up Look You Would Love To Recreate Check It Out :)
  14. Favorite Mascara Check It Out :)
  15. Favorite Online Shop Check It Out :)
  16. Skincare Routine Check It Out :)
  17. Make Up Skill You Would Love To Perfect But Struggle With Check It Out :)
  18. Favorite Make Up Brand Check It Out :)
  19. Who Is Your Fashion/Style Icon Check It Out :)
  20. Favorite "High End" Product Check It Out :)
  21. Favorite Nail Look/Nail Art Check It Out :)
  22. 5 Of Your Favorite Beauty Bloggers Check It Out :)
  23. What's My Face Worth Check It Out :)
  24. Alternative Use For An Item You Have-e.g Lipstick As Blush Check It Out :)
  25. Primer- Do You Use It? Eyes, Face, etc. Check It Out :)
  26. Biggest Beauty Advice You Have Been Given Check It Out :)
  27. Biggest Fashion Mistake You Have Made Check It Out :)
  28. Favorite Cheek Product Check It Out :)
  29. 5 Of Your Favorite Beauty Vloggers/ YouTube Videos Check It Out :)
  30. Recent Empties/ Reflecting on #JuneBBC Check It Out :)
When looking at these topics some are gonna be really hard to do and also some may have the same products are other topics and that are mentioned before on this blog. However, it will be a good challenge! Hopefully more will join in on this challenge and pop on over to Girl Friday to check out her challenge. 


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  1. Yeah buddy! This is gonna be so fuuuuun! I already scheduled my first week (I get the feeling I'm gonna be up to my eyes in yet more paint :P Some are really hard, but some are gonna be really easy! You might be shocked by one particular post ;P

    1. Yeah I know a few that I am definitely doing but some are really hard! Oh I am interested now....