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Hi guys!

 Today my post has been inspired by Kandee Johnson's post and YouTube video Get Ready With Me: Shower to Jewelry. I thought it was a great idea and I decided to show all of you my daily morning routine for when I am just sitting in the house and chillin' out on those days I don't feel great and don't want to go out and sit back and watch a film. 

 First thing I do in the morning is have a shower to waken me up otherwise I would just walk around the house like a zombie. 
 One shampoo that I can not get enough of is this Alberto Balsam. You can get it in so many scents and for all different hair types. The one I use is this Sun Kissed Raspberry with Juniper and Chamomile for normal and dry hair. It leaves your hair feeling so moisturized and smelling amazing! It cleanses the hair while revitalizing, moisturizing and strengthening as it contains pro-vitamin B5. AND your hair smells of raspberries and I am addicted to raspberries! 

 I wash my face with Skin System Young Skin Foaming Facial Wash. It is an Asda own product face wash. They have a whole range of skin care products which are so cheap but are really good! the Young Skin range was formulated for youthful skin and this face wash contains aloe vera and extracts of willow and papaya which helps purify skin and soothe redness. I have not seen many skin care products that say that it is suitable for vegetarians to use and I think that is really neat that this product does!

 Once I have my shower finished I then move onto cleansing, toning and moisturizing, I believe that it is the kindest thing you can do for your skin. You could have the best, most expensive make up in the world but it doesn't matter if you don't have a good base!

  The Cleansing Lotion and Toner are both Boots Essentials in cucumber for all skin types. I love these as they are a bargain! It comes to under 6 euro for the pair of them and they last long and do what they are meant to do. I have tried lots of different cleansers and toners but for me these have been the best as I have lots of problems with my skin. I love this product.

 I use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Black Head Eliminating Cleansing Lotion about once a week at the most. Luckily I have never really had a problem with black heads but I use it about once a week just as a precaution. The directions on the lotion says to use it twice a day but I find it kind of harsh on my skin that's why I use it sparingly.

I have recently (one week ago) purchased Simple Kind To Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser. I found this expensive in relation to my other beauty products as this cost me 5 euro for 125ml. It is good for use with sensitive skin as I have not had any problems using it twice a day for the last week. So far I am not insane about it but that may be to using it for such a short time but it may grow on me in the coming weeks (I will make sure to keep you posted).

 The final thing I use is Bio-Oil. I don't really use this on my face but I do use it on scars that I have for being such an idiot when I was sixteen. However, it can be used for uneven skin tone as well as scars, stretch marks, aging skin and also dehydrated skin. It includes Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Calendula Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Chamomile Oil and PurCellin Oil. It is hypo-allergenic so it is suitable for people with sensitive skin. It takes about 3 months of use twice a day untill an improvement is seen on scars. It is a great product but it is not budget friendly I am afraid to report as it is about 12 euro (£8.99 sterling). 

 Once I have cleansed and toned I them move onto my hair! I run two squirts of Shockwaves Shine and Anti-Frizz Serum through the length of my hair. I then dry my fringe with a large round brush. I then dry the remainder of my hair. As my hair is naturally curly if I am just sitting around the house I will just let them curls flow. To do this and blow dry my hair I dry the roots and then scrunch the ends of my hair up towards the roots with the hairdryer pointing downwards (I keep repeating this until my hair is dry). To dress it up and keep it out of my face I usually pit a scarf in my hair as Kandee Johnson shows in her tutorial.

On to the Make Up.
 To begin with I take a Natural Collection Shine Away Foundation (my shade in Sand). This is a really good foundation as it helps to reduce the shine of oily skin. It is a very reasonable price at 3.10 Euro (£1.99 sterling) for 40ml which I find lasts me about a month.

 Next I use a Sheer Cover Duo Concealer. The shades I use are Light/Medium. I love this product as it is light weight and goes on smooth and don't even know you are wearing it! I use the light concealer under my eyes, on my eye lids and down the center of my nose, and use the medium concealer to contour on each side of the bridge of my nose, under my cheek bones (in the cheek hollow) and in a 'c' on my temples and then blend. I believe this is a good investment as I have had it for about 9 months and there is barely anything out of it and I use it every day! However, it is not cheap and it will set you back at a price of 24.90 euro but it will last.

 To seal my foundation and concealer I use a Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Warm. I apply it with a large fluffy powder brush to just set my make up.

 For my eyes I take a Large shader brush and a brown Technic palette and brush the medium brown over the eye lid and then brush a light layer of the cream over the entire eye socket and lid.
 I use a Max Factor Kohl Eye Pencil to line the top and bottom of my eyes. As I am lining the bottom of my eye I do not line the whole way to the corner, instead I stop about 2/3 of the way in. 
 I line my lash line with Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner to create a subtle wing on the lid for a bit of definition. Another liquid eyeliner I like to use is L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Luminizer for brown eyes.
To stop my liner running I like to lock it in with some black eye shadow. I use black from the 17 Smokey Eye Palette (Sorry can not find a link to the product) and an EcoTools Angled brush. I like these brushes as they are made from bamboo which as we know it easy to grow and environmentally friendly so we are looking good and helping the environment!
 I use a Natural Collections Blusher  in Rosey Glow with a large blush brush. I like to get the apples of my cheeks so I smile when I am putting on my blusher.
 I use two types of mascara when applying it I use Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara(19.90 euro) for the first coat and then Maybelline New York Colossal Volume Express Mascara for the second coat.

 Finally I do my eye brows. For my eye brows I use a mix of black and dark brown which make a color which is one shade darker then my natural color. To apply I use a short handled     Ruby & Millie Eyeliner Angled Brush. I follow the natural curve of the top and bottom of my brow and fill them in. This is one thing I would never not do! Even if I am just nipping to the shop of sitting in the garden I always do my eye brows. From the picture (above) you can see what a difference it can make to a face. I believe it really gives a finished look.

 Finally to finish the look I apply a layer of Pink Champagne Lip Balm which I love!!!!

 So that is my daily morning routine and on top of that I have to put together an out fit. Over all it takes me about an hour to get dressed and ready and if I am going out with my boyfriend it takes me about one and a half to two hours to get ready! It's crazy what us girls have to do! 

So why don't you have a go at documenting your routine and make sure you visit Kandee J's blog and check out her YouTube videos too and I hope you love her as much as I do and check out the included links for more information about the products I use :)


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