Products I Love.....


These are some of the products I am loving at the moment!

I am loving this face mask!!!!! I have used a lot of different types in the past but this Ultimate Spa Exfoliating Mud Mask with Dead Sea Minerals by far is the best one I have come across. I have really dry skin and it always leaves my skin feeling so soft! I usually use it about 2 times a week (maximum depending on the weather) but sometimes I only use it once a week and it keeps my skin baby soft for about 2 weeks but that is only due to me having problem skin :)

I think this Dead Sea Source Mineral body scrub is great! My boyfriends mum got me it for Christmas in a set of salts and bubble bath and I am only getting round to using it the past two weeks! It leaves my skin so soft after showering, I really need to find out where I can get it!!!

I use a lot of Natural Collection make up because I have found that it does not dry out my skin at all and I have found that others do. I love this Shine Away Foundation (Colour Sand if your interested) cause I have an oily t-zone and with other foundations I have to use a lot of compact powder with them but with this one I don't need powder on to take away the shine! Another advantage of this foundation is that it is only 3.09 euro in Boots so it doesn't break the bank as I wear make up almost every day and it lasts me about 3 weeks!!! It is defiantly a good investment.

I use a lot of black eye shadow because I suffer from heyfever and I find that if I use an eye pencil to line my eyes they itch for the rest of the day so I will often use black eye shadow. I like this 17 Smokey eye pallet cause you get five colours in it (three black, one metalic purple and silver) and it also gives you directions on how to do smokey eyes! 

My hair is so frizzy to the point where it is not funny at all!! At Christmas I was in England and I came across this Skockwaves Shine and Anti-Frizz Serum (I know you can get it in other countries that just happened to be where I was when I found it). I have used a lot of anti-frizz products int he past and I really like this one. You apply a small amount to wet hair before you blow dry it as it has heat protection in it also so your protecting your hair from any potential damage!! I found it left my hair super silky soft, shiny and most of all it left my hair with no frizz. 

I am not usually a really pink girl but I really like this nail polish (it is actually more neon that the picture shows due to using my phone camera). It is a really bright hot pink and I think it gives a pop of colour to an outfit when you don't want to go for a big bold statement item of clothing and it is just really nice to look at too. It is a Rimmel London I heart Lasting Finish range in 270 Hot Shot, it cost me about 4.50 euro but it is so worth it!!

So they are cosmetics I am loving this week! If you have any questions about the products feel free to contact me, you can e-mail me, or tweet me (addresses in the contact me tab) or just leave a comment and if I can answer your questions I will or I will try. So give any of these products a try and let me know what you think too and if you know of any great products that I could try and do a write up on :)


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