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Hi Guys!

 So gonna try out a new kinda segment on my blog of Fashion Do's and Dont's. So I would love some feed back on what everyone thinks of it :)

 Okay, so we all know Kim Kardashian has not had the easiest pregnancy ever and has not always made the best fashion choices for her the past. I do agree that she has been given way to much stick over her choices as people are quick to judge her when she makes the bad decisions but there is not much about her good choices! Okay, when she got it wrong she got it really wrong, but when she got it right she got it really right!

 The whole floral dress for the Mett Gala was not a high point and the monochrome and Grecian was not really pulled off but when she dressed more like she did before she was pregnant she got it right! When she wore a flirty black dress and heals she really looked like the old Kim and she worked it! She rocked a simple white shirt, jacket and blue jeans when she stepped out of LAX (I would kill to look half as good as she does here after a plane flight!). And strutting out in leather leggings, black top and a cute blazer and heals! She looks so good!!!!! 

 So what she had a few mishaps with her wardrobe for a while, that is no reason to focus on them. I mean who has not has wardrobe malfunctions? I can recall at least 6 that I have had the past year. She is only human so give he a break no one is perfect :)

So what do you think about the comments made about Kim Kardashians wardrobe mishaps? Do you agree with them or think they are unfair?


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