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Hi Guys!

So this weeks Fashion Do's and Dont's I have chosen Jennifer Aniston. She gained world recognition in the 90's for playing Rachel Green in the Friends which earned her an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award. As well as this she was critically acclaimed in may films from 1996 on wards which great success from films such as Bruce Almighty, The Bounty Hunter, Just Go With It and many more.
In 2007 she was named as one of the top 10 richest women  by Forbes magazine. In 2005 she became the first ever GQ woman of the year and in 2006 she topped magazines best dressed lists. However, despite this all people get it wrong at times. 

Now don't get me wrong for her age she looks AMAZING but not matter how hot you look there are just some looks that should not be attempted. Like her body is so tones and she has really good legs but unless you dress for your shape, if you have an amazing waist no one is going to know.

Starting with the "DO" section she is flaunting what she has. She knows she has great legs so she is really playing the up with this sexy but understated sexy white floor length dress which has a thigh high slit to give a sneak peek of those pins. She does the same at the "Call Me Crazy" premier in this Dior tuxedo style bustier paired with some black shorts and simple accessories. 
In my opinion I think that her red Oscars dress was amazing. It is simple yet dramatic Valentino looked perfect on her. It had the right balance for an Oscars dress and this is a dress that has stuck with me and I think will for a long time. 

Okay so the "Dont's" and I am going to start with her mini when she went to her Yoga teachers book launch really did not work. This dress really did not flatter her  in the slightest, in fact it kinda makes her look pregnant (Sorry!). All the work she did to trim up her figure and she decides to wear a dress that distracts from it? Now that is a big no no!
Next up is this Dior leather dress at the peoples choice awards, I don't think this is working either (If you have a different opinion then tell me as this is just my opinion).
Last but not least, I am sorry but no one can pull this look off unless there is some serious styling and tailoring that is the only way this white blouse and beige trousers. This by far is my biggest don't of this week. If you are going to wear a this combo go tight on the top and loose on the bottom or vice verse, at least pick a better bag too!

So what are your opinions on this weeks Fashion Do's and Dont's? I want to hear from you :)


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