#JuneBBC~ 5 Of Your Favorite Beauty Bloggers


Hi Guys!

Today I get to share my top five beauty bloggers with you all. This is in no particular order of who I like best they are just my top five bloggers. 

Claire Jameson, Justified By Jemo

I have known Claire for the past 3 years from college. She has amazing fashion sense and if I had the money I would so get her to style my wardrobe! She can always find the best bargains and they are always cute too! She is definitely worth a follow and check her out here.

Kandee Johnson, kandeej.com.

I have read Kandee Johnson's blog and watched her youtube videos for about a year now and I love her! She has such a great personality that she can light up any room and instantly make you feel happy! 
She has the best tutorials around (in my opinion) and I have learned so much from her when it come to make up. I love how she has done tutorials on how to do all type of make up from every day looks and celebs to dinsey princess to pin up girls (a few of which I am gonna try out for Halloween this year). 
I stumbled across her while looking up other videos and I am so glad I did. She is a wonderful teacher and each week I look forward to seeing what she has in store for her viewers. Check her out here and hopefully you will like her too!

Amy, ...Amy...Finally...

I have known Amy for about 2ish years and I have seen her blossom and through her blog she has overcome a lot of things. She is well worth a view as she always has something new to write about. So check her out here and see what you think!

Epp, Zerxza Style.

I love this blog, there is always a new style to contemplate. She is always up for trying new styling of items of clothes and there is always something new on lookbook! Give her a check out and tell her what you think :)

Emma Henderson, Fluff and Fripperies.

I have recently discovered this blog and it is full of reviews, discount codes and news in the world of beauty. I love it as it keeps me up to date but it makes me want things I don't have the money for at the time. It is worth a read and a subscribe so check it out here and be dazzled!

So they are my five favorite bloggers and they are all worth a read and a subscribe as they all have different styles and content. Also let me know of any great bloggers for me to check out :)

Who are your favorite bloggers and why?


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