#JuneBBC A Bargain You Would Recomend


Hi Guys!

Okay I have raved about this brand a lot and it is the Natural Collections Make Up range. I use the foundation, the compact powder, the blusher, the eye shadow, lip gloss and the mascara. I believe this rage does not get enough publication and the only store I have seen it in is Boots. Along with it being a really good brand the price is amazing with its products being 3.10 euro or under! 

The foundation does not dry out my skin the way others have that I have used. It is very light and I hardly know I am wearing it. All the foundations come in different types (Colour Foundation, Tinted Moisturiser, Shine Away Foundation, etc.) and shades.

This is a range that I would recommend as it is great for people who are shopping on a budget. I have found my self gravitating towards these products when I run out of something as it is good
 quality and does not break the bank.

This is the definitely the best bargain I have found for make up in
 a long time!

                  What do you think? Do you use this range?



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