#JuneBBC~ Best Beauty Advice You Have Been Givem


Hi Guys!!

Over the course of a teenage girls lie she will be given a lot of advice like "Less is more" and "That's a little too much eyeliner" and that's how we learn. So my nan is not a fan of make up she thinks it hides my face so when I am staying with her I don't really wear it at all, compared to when I am at home I put it on 6 out of 7 days. However I have cut back on wearing full make up when I am not going out during the day and I think the best advice was my nan saying "make up hides your pretty face". I know it is not technically make up advice but to me it is advice and I always take my nans advice!

Whats the best advice you have been given???? 


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  1. Aww lovely advice and a lovely compliment!

  2. I love that, and it's so true! So many girls wear so much makeup but are naturally pretty without it! Definitely a good one, and a nice compliment too :)


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