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Hi Guys!!

I LOVE fashion! Ever since I was young I loved designing and styling and I always wanted to be a designer but I decided to get my psychology degree instead of attending the fashion course I was accepted to, but maybe one day soon I will follow this dream, I will have to see where life takes me.

My fashion and style icons range from classic and vintage to modern.

My first icon has to be one of the most classic women that you can get (in my opinion) and she is the one, the only, Audrey Hepburn. She kept it simple and classic and always looked stunning. One if the most iconic styles I think would have to come from her role in Breakfast At Tiffanys. I believe this is the embodiment of classic feminine style. I believe a womans closet is not complete without a little black dress and as Karl Lagerfeld  once said "One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a little black dress".

Marilyn Monroe is possibly one of the most iconic women in style and beauty. Her size was not typical of her era and all through her career her weight fluctuated but she still oozed sex appeal! She was a woman with curves, and not size zero but she is still classed as one of the most sexy women! 

I believe she is an amazing role model for women with curves as even a woman in the 1940's to the 1960's would not have really classed curves as sexy. This is because people were steered more towards the pin-up hourglass figure than more curvaceous women. 

As a curvy woman myself I look towards Marilyn Monroe when I am not feeling great about myself and I see how successful she was it gives me hope that maybe one day our society could also accept curvaceous and bigger women as attractive as stick thin models!

One of my modern style and fashion icons is Lauren Conrad. Ever since she broke onto out screens in MTV's Laguna Beach in 2004 as a fresh faced teenager she has always been on top of style and fashion. As she later when on to be the star of MTV's The Hills where we see her attend FIDM her fashion and style only grew on the LA scene. 

She later went on to develop her fashion line Paper Crown. Lauren Conrad takes a modern approach to classic style while focusing on the staples that every woman needs for her closet. The results of the various approaches she takes leads to an effortless and youthful understated elegance which she pulls off perfectly. 

Lauren Conrad has a way of taking something as simple as an over sized jumper and making it into something magical through the use of skinny jeans and accessories. 

My other modern fashion/style icons are the Kardashians. All three sisters have different styles but they manage to have a fashion line that works for every size and shape. Weather you are 4ft 10" or 5ft 9" they have something to suit you. They are all different heights and shapes but they  have developed a line that can look good on everyone! 

The Kardashians each have different styles and I really look to them for inspiration. Like Lauren Conrad they can each take something simple and make it into something amazing through something as simple as a bag or a simple pair of sunglasses!

I am a huge fan of their Kardashian Kollection and I love that it can be purchased in Dorothy Perkins here in Ireland! I was so excited when I heard that this collection was going to be launched here as I have admired them for a long time and I love watching Keeping Up With The Kardsahians!!!!!

So who are your fashion and style icons????


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