#JuneBBC~ Favorite Nail Polish


Hi Guys!

 Day 10 of the June beauty blog challenge and it is the turn of my favorite nail polish. It comes as a shock to me that the color is Pink because I am not really a pink girl but I love this one! I first purchased it for my college ball last year and I have purchased it again since then as I use it so much. 

 The nail polish is Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish in 270 Hot Shot and the color looks more neon that it does in the picture and I think it adds a burst of color to a plain outfit if you are not comfortable in wearing a bright statement top or skirt or shoes or trousers. I am not always extremely brave in colors I ware so I like to have a bold nail to set it off any outfit. 

 It was a bargain at 3.50 euro and I am very happy with it. The color lasts for ages and doesn't chip as much as others I have used and I am a terror for playing with my nails when I am bored or nervous and it can still last through all the abuse I put them through!

 Over all this is a good buy which you can pick up in pharmacies, cosmetic stalls in clothes shops and supermarkets. The price varies but it is available nationwide and is well worth the money in my opinion.

So what is your favorite nail polish color? Make? Have you tried this one? What do you think of it?

Also How are all you bloggers doing the #JuneBBC getting on? I would love to hear about your experiences doing this challenge :)



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  1. Love this shade so pretty for summer!

    1. Sorry the camera was not great, it is more of a neon color than the picture shows. I am playing around with different cameras to see if any of the pictures will show it closer to the color it is. Once I get a good Picture I will edit the post so you can see.
      Sorry :(

  2. This is a gorgeous summer shade!

    1. Sorry the color is more of a neon than a pastel, as I said above I am trying to get a better picture and once I do I will edit the post so you can see. However, I would love to find a shade that is like the picture above it is a very summer color :)


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