#JuneBBC~ Favorite Online Shop


Hi Guys!

Today is the turn of my favorite online shop. Now the website that I use the most I am not sure if it can be classed as a shop maybe some of you will know and can set me straight. The website I get a lot of stuff off is Littlewoods Ireland. I like this site as you c an spread your payments over weeks so you don't have to pay a lump sum at once. I purchase alot of clothes on this site due to this reason. They stock all major labels from aWear to French Connection and products from garden furniture to gifts to shoes and clothes! This is an amazing company in my opinion and I love them!

What do you think of this company? Do you use them?


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  1. Love this site, quick delivery and there's always a discount code floating around!

    1. Oh definitely, I get a lot of my clothes on this site it has such a good variety and I have never a=had a problem with it and they always have a good sale section too!


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