#JuneBBC~ An Item You Have Bought Because of A Blog/ Vlog


Hi Guys!

This item I have not bought yet due to being a little short on funds but as soon as I get money I am going to go and buy some Beauty Blenders. They make your make up look so flawless I just have to try them. I see Kandee Johnson use them all the time and so she has really persuaded me that I need one!!!!! I watch her youtube videos all the time and it where I get a lot of my ideas from and I have learned so much about make up application from her videos and her blogs! She is definitely worth a follow! 

Do you use these beauty blenders? What are your opinions on them? 



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  1. Oh my god, I have been DYING to get hold of one for ages, and I don't even wear foundation!! :P

  2. Gonna get some when I am in England and hopefully they will be cheaper over there hahaha

  3. I've never used one of these, but I see them so often in vlogs that I'm so curious about them. I might try picking up a slightly cheaper one first, as I've heard good things about some of the ones on Ebay, but definitely on my list of things to try! :)

    1. Yeah that is my thought too, I don't want to pend loads of money on a really good one until I know I like the way they work and I actually use it. I have bought so many expensive brushes and used them for a week or so then have not use them again. Gonna look in lots of places to find a good cheap one to have a trial with. I am always up for finding and using new tools and products so once I have it and used it I will put up a post to let you know how I get on :) So feel free to follow me for when I have a review of them up and if there are any products or tools you would like to get an opinion on, I am always up for a challenge :)


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