#JuneBBC Most Recent Beauty Buy


Hi Guys!

Okay so my most recent beauty buy that I love is this Schwarzkopf Got2B Powder'ful Volumizing Styling Powder. I love it!!!!! 
 It is a super fine white dust which you can apply to your hair in two ways: You can apply it (minimally) straight into the roots of the hair and rub it in or you can apply a few shakes to your hands, rub them together and then dispense through the hair. This brings lift, texture and hold to your roots to create lovely volume! 
 It can be purchased in stores nationwide at prices ranging from 5 euro to 8 euro!

 I love this product as it is an alternative to back combing which can leave you with lots of split ends and broken hairs due to combing out the knots that the back combing creates. This product is so easy to apply and to brush out and it creates lift in 10 seconds!
 This is most defiantly a recent buy that I am extremely happy with and will continue to purchase and recommend it to everyone I know!!!

Have you used this product? What are your views on it?



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