#JuneBBC~ What's My Face Worth?


Hi Guys!

So I am writing about how much my daily make up costs today. Now I go on about my make up all the time and you are probably sick of hearing about natural collection by now but here I go again.....

So Foundation.....                                                                3.10 euro

Sheer Cover Concealer (Including p&p)                             30.00 euro

Pressed Powder                                                                  3.10 euro

Smokey eye palette (can not find this one any more so going with a similar one)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     7.69 euro

Brown Palette (Natural collection)                                        3.10 euro

Max Factor Kohl Eye Pencil (Dont know exact price)          7.00 euro

Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner                        7.69 euro

Natural Collections Blush                                                      3.10 euro

Sheer Cover Extra Length Mascara (Including p&p)            20.00 euro

Maybelline New Your Colossal Express Mascara                  9.99 euro

Bath and House Pink Champagne Lip Balm (ex. p&p)             5.00 euro      

Oh my god! My average every day face is worth 92.08 euro! Almost 100 euro! I never thought it would be this much, oh hell I do not want to calculate the price of my make up to go out. This is crazy!!!!

So what is your face worth???


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