Nail Of The Week


Hi Guys!

So once again I found myself up town and before I knew it I was at Pennys (Primark) and found myself at the nail polishes. Of course I could not resist buying a new color adn why should I try when they are only 1.75 euro!!! 

I came across this color and I instantly loved it. It is so summery and cute and bright, and it makes a change from my pink. I do believe I may have found a new favorite color!

I love this Essence Color and Go range. It is durable and it is fast drying so if you need to put on more than one coat by time you have both hands done they are dry so you can do another coat. 

Oh I hope this color goes with my dress for Sunday or I will not be a happy camper at all. I am in love with this color!

Are you a fan of this range? What do you think of this color?

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