Hi Guys!

  So the past week there has been a heatwave here in Ireland and it has been amazing and we all have to thank the people sitting their leaving cert and junior cert for this wonderful weather!!!! It has been so hot with temperatures reaching over 20 degrees some days!

Top- YOURS/ Skirt-Pennys/ Shoes- Vans/ Sunglasses- Pennys

  I choose the YOURS Sheer patterned blouse in a Light Tan and Dark Brown as it was light and airy but kept my back covered to avoid sunburn. I paired it with a Black Cotton Shirt which I purchased from Pennys for 4 euro and a pair of Purple Sunglasses which I also purchased from Pennys for around the same price. When I left the house I wore my Black and White Checkered Vans which I have had for years and a White Blue and Red Bandanna which I got on a holiday to the Dominican Republic. 

Overall this outfit kept me very cool with the temperatures reaching over 20 degrees the past week! 

I hope you are all enjoying the sun and getting great tans, think I am gonna go and sit out in the garden and enjoy the weather now :)

What is your go to heatwave out fit?



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