Thursday, 18 July 2013

Faux Bob Tutorial

Hi Guys!!

So I have wanted to try this look out for a really long time so this is like my second time doing the Faux Bob hair.

You will need:

  • A Pointed Comb
  • Heat Defense spray/ Serum
  • A Brush
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hair Grips
  1. You need to wash your hair, apply heat defense and the blow dry your hair.
  2. Taking the top section of your hair going from ear to ear clip it up so you have the bottom layer of your hair, use a pointed comb so you can get a straight line of hair the whole way around.
  3. Taking 2 inch sections of the bottom layer of hair twist/curl it upwards to the roots and pin it with bobby pins.
  4. Take the rest of your hair that you clopped up and let it fall over the pinned hair.
  5. If you have layered hair it comes in useful for this style as you can then take the top (Shorter layers) of the hair and clip that back up with the hair grips.
  6. Take sections of the hair that are down and fold them under the hair that is already pinned up.
  7. Repeat this for the rest of the hair until it is all pinned under.
  8. Then take the top layers out of the hair grips and let them fall down. If there is any hair that is not longer then the pinned hair just take the strands and clip it under as in step 6.
  9. There you have it, a faux bob. All the drama of a new hair cut without cutting your hair!
To add a touch of Gatsby to the look you could curl your hair with either sleep in rollers or a curling iron. When the look it completed play about with it to add detail to it with some plaits or twists and finish the look with hair spray.

Check out the YouTube Channel for more hair, make up tutorials and reviews. Let me know what you want to see and throw me a challenge that you would like to see me do!

Let me know what you do with it to add your own style to it :)


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