What's In My Make Up Bag


Hi Guys!

So this post is all about what is in my make up bag on a daily basis. All of these I will have spoken about previousaly on my blog so they should not be too new to everyone! So here we go....

So in my small pink make up bag I have a lot of products in it and I am quiet surprised that I can fit them in to be honest!

So on to the products.....

Foundation.... I use this Natural Collections Shine Away Foundation a lot. I find it controls shine for those with oily skin, feels light weight so I don't really remember I have it on and it is a steal at only 3.10 euro. It will last for ages also. I find I have to buy a new one about once a month so I believe it is a good investment. I also have a powder foundation which I use to control any extra shine I have on a daily basis.

Eye Liners..... I love liquid liners. I find them so easy to use and if I make a mistake I think it is much easier to correct than a pencil. However, I do have a pencil liner in my bag which I use to line my eyes with unless it is a hot summer day as it is now. I use MaxFactor, L'Oreal and Rimmel liners.

Concealer.... I use a Sheer Cover concealer. It is so light weight and it lasts forever. I eblieve it is so worth the 30.00 euro it is. I the light shade of this concealer duo under my eyes to conceal any black bags I have and down the center of my nose. I then use the darker shade down the sides of my nose (Tip: Light concealer down the center of the nose and darker down the sides of the nose make the nose look more slender!) and along the temples, in the hollows of the cheek and down the jaw bone in a '3' for more bone definition.

Eye Shadows.... I always keep two different brown pallets in my bag along with a smokey eye pallet as i use these for my eye lids and to do my eye brows :)

Blush... I use a natural collections blush as I like the texture of it and they are not too dark or pigmented. It is also a great bargain at only 3.10 euro also.

Lip Balm.... I will always have a lip balm in my bag as I think it is an important product that every one should carry all the time. At the moment I have a Bath and House Pink Champagne lip balm at the moment.

Nail Varnish.... I always have the nail varnish that I am wearing that day in my bag in case of any chipping that may occur. I love the Essence Color and Go range which I have been using for the past few months.

Other Things.... In my bag I also carry my two compact mirrors and my make up brushes.

What Make Up Product Could I Not Live Without? 
I think that it would be my concealer. It is one of my favorite products and it is  worth  alot and I don't usually spent 30.00 euro on one product.

What Beauty Product Can I Not Live Without? 
A product I could not live without has to be face wipes. I use them all the time to freshen up, take off make up and fix mistakes.

Beauty Tip....  Always Remove your make up before you go to bed, try not to use any harsh products on your skin and drink as much water as possible.

Make Up Tip.... When putting on make up for during the day do it in natural light. I like to do it beside my window with my curtains and blinds pulled back to maximize the amount of natural light hitting my face. 

Whats in your make up bag?



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