Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Bargain of the week!

Hi Guys!!!

So today's bargain I could not pass up, it's crazy! Now I have gotten some really good bargains in Pennys/Primark but these just take the biscuit. After about three laps around the store I came across the accessories section and I noticed the red reduced labels on top of two of the stands and I could not believe my eyes! Items that were €1 to €5 were reduced down to 50c!!!! Yes just 50c, it is crazy!!!! So being such a girl I could not walk away from these bargains without buying a few, I mean it would just be rude not to buy them :) So I browsed the stands and came across some items I loved.

I could not pass up these rings when I saw them.
I am not usually one for chunky rings but this one I thought was so cute. It is a really detailed birds head with black stones for eyes which was priced at €3 and I got for 50c. It is really chunky but it is not really heavy which is what I thought when I first saw it. I have a feeling that it could become one of my favourite rings for a night out :)

The second set is a set of four rings which I got in a set with three necklaces and three sets of earrings. These are super cute you can wear them all together or one at once or you could mix and match. I love the wing ring it is most definitely my favourite ring. I have loved it since I saw it on Claire of Justified By Jemo and I have finally found one!! I am so happy!!!

I also got these three long chained necklaces, one with a silver heart, a gold skull which is similar to the decorative skulls of the Day of the Dead, and a gold one which has three different hearts and two wings. Each of these necklaces should have been €3 each and I got the three of them for €1.50! How crazy!!! I then came across the bottom card with three sets of earrings, three necklaces and four stack rings. This was priced at €5.00 and was reduced to 50c also. Even though I don't wear earrings I could not pass this up and I will find some use for the unused earrings. This is a 10 piece set for 50c, that is like 5c per item! Pure Madness! 

Over all my accessories should have cost me €17 at regular retail price and in total I paid €2.50 for a total of 11 items with €14.50 savings, that is like 22c per item!!! This is most definitely one of the best bargains I have ever found. I think another trip to Pennys is needed tomorrow :)

I love bargains!


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