Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Product Review~ Wax Strips

Hi guys!

Sorry I have been kinda M.I.A the past few weeks I have been sick and then away with family and then again with friends. 

So this week I am reviewing wax strips. I LOVE waxing my legs it is so much simpler than shaving and it saves so much time in the shower! I have used 3 different types the past few months Nair, Veet and Boots brand. 

I used these Veet wax strips for sensitive skin on both myself and my mother to wax legs.
You simply just hold them between your hands for 30 seconds and the wax is warm enough to use. To be perfectly honest I am not a huge fan of these when doing my own legs, however, when doing my mothers they were okay, they removed the hair with minimal discomfort. She did comment that "the first few goes with a new strip hurt" this could be to the stickiness of the wax as it is a new strip. In a box of these you get 20 wax strips and 4 finishing wipes. They are good if you are waxing someone else but not amazing if you are doing your own legs. I can not give a bad review about the results when doing another persons legs the results are good and it does last. The time of how long it takes until you see hair regrowth obviously depends on the rate at which your hair grows. 
I give these Veet Wax Strips with Easy Grip  for Sensitive Skin 7/10.

I used these Nair wax strips for my own legs. I was not impressed with these at all! I purchased these as they were on a half price deal and thought I would give them a try and I was very disappointed when I compared them to other wax strips. When I used then I found that after the first use of a strip a lot of the wax would come off on my legs which left them incredibly sticky and the majority of the hair still on my leg. To be honest I gave up on these strips after one leg and used another brand to complete the waxing. 
I give these strips a 3/10 and that is simply because you get plenty of strips and finishing wipes but this is a product that I would not purchase again.

I love these Boots brand Smooth Care Wax Strips. In my opinion these are the best of the three brands I have tried so far. They are simple to use. They stay sticky untill they are completely saturated in hair. I can get about two waxing sessions out of 20 strips and 4 finishing wipes. These sesnitive wax strips can be used all over the body you just have to cut them to size and use in the exact same way as you would on your legs. The price of these strips is very reasonable at under 6 euro, so they are definitely worth a try!
I give these wax strips 8/10.

What do you think about waxing legs? Would you rather shave? Have you tried these products? Tell me what you think.


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