Thursday, 19 September 2013

Definitions A/W '13 Challenge

So I have decided to set my first challenge for all you bloggers out there!

~ I am setting you a €500.00 limit to chose any items from the Definitions A/W 13 range. In this limit you must make 2 different outfits; one to party in and another for a date night with the 'other half'.
~ You need to tell me why you have chosen the items you have.
~ Tell me what you like about the range.
~ You must link the reader back to the Definitions site using this link,4294958685/s/newin,0/r/48.end

~ Link the reader to this post to see the brief.

~ Then finally tweet me (@KaylieghLand) the link to your post so I can share it :)

A little about the Definitions A/W 13 range.

I love this Definitions range, it has pieces that will work for all shapes and sizes. With some brand lines they tend to design and stick to a small size range which puts people who are not under a size 14 in a position where they can feel like they are not good enough to wear those clothes (speaking from some experience here). However, with this range that is not the case at all, with their clothes ranging from a size 8 to a size 20 and some pieces even reaching a size 24. I love the style of this range as the creator has really taken a look at the world and seen that women are now all shapes and sizes; some have curves and some don't, some are fuller chested and some are not. 

This range put a real smile on my face when I looked at a top and the size guide did not stop at a size 14. I love seeing that!!

My two outfits

Party Time

I love the casual but fun look of this outfit. It is not too dressed up, it is perfect for a house party and to also go out to a night club with the girls. The jumper gives it a laid back look but there is some added drama with the shorts and I am just in love with these shoes. I would wear this outfit to go out to a house party or a club with my friends and I think the items are very versatile that I could use them again and again with different items of clothing for different looks.
This outfit will set you back €154.00

Date Night

I put this outfit together as the shoes and jacket jumped out at me as soon as I opened the page. I am in love with leather jackets I think they add a touch of edgy to any outfit. I think this is a cute outfit that is perfect for a date night as it has the right balance of comfort and dressed up feel with a bit of the edgy thrown in with the leather jacket. 
This outfit will set you back €307.00

In total if I had €500 to spend on two outfits this would put a good dent in the budget coming in at €461.00. So tell me what you would buy if you were handed €500 today to spend in this clothing range???

Tell me what you think of my choices if you like them or not!

Share the challenge and don't forget to link me your post on twitter at @KaylieghLand :)


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