Sunday, 15 September 2013

Recent Buys

My latest buys have been all about smooth skin and they have been really good bargains too so it is a win win situation!

My first product is this E45 Moisturising Lotion. This is perfect for sensitive skin as it is perfume free so it will not irritate like some moisturizers can. As it is perfume free it can also be used all over the body and I use this from head to toe. I got this 500ml tub for only €2.50 in Dunnes Stores! €2.50 is an amazing bargain as you can pay well over €7.00 in other stores.

I purchased this Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer as it was on offer in Boots and I have been looking for a primer to experiment with as I have never used it before and was interested in the benefits of using one. This primer is enriched with natural almond oil and calendula extract. I use this when I am applying make up for work and it really helps my make up stay in place all day which I was surprised at as I work in a chip shop and even with the grease my make up stays put! This provides an even surface to apply make up to at the same time as providing long lasting moisture. This primer comes in two types for dry & sensitive skin and one fore normal & combination skin. This 50ml usually retails for €6.49 but is currently on offer at Boots fro €4.99. 

This product was recommended to me during an Irish Beauty Bloggers Chat on Twitter about 2 months ago and I have loved it since the first time I tried it. This Soap & Glory Scrub Em' and Leave Em'body buff contains babassu oil, sea salt and jojoba and mandarin oil for moisture. I use this in the bath after shaving my legs or a day or so after waxing. I use my exfoliation gloves and a scoop of this and run in circular motions to remove any dead skin. I used to use the travel size tubs that you can get but I decided that I sue it so much I should just buy the large tub. I purchased this 300ml tub in Boots for €10.50!

After the scrub em' and leave em' and while I am still damp I take some of this Moisture Extreme Body Buttercream from head to toe. This contains shea and cocoa nut balm with lime and almond oils and kiwi juice water. This leaves my skin feeling so smooth and lush and pampered after it. You can purchase this in Boots fro €14.50 and I think it is worth every cent!

And Finally.........

As the Soap & Glory products were on 3 for 2 I also purchased this Heel Genius Foot Cream to try.  As I have recently got a job adn I am on my feet for a minimum of 6 hours at once this has come in very handy. The foot cream contains allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers. I use this when I come home from work and massage it into my feet then put on cotton socks and sleep in them and when I wake up I have smooth relaxed feet. This is the cheapest of the three Soap & Glory products that I bought at €7.65 and this is the one I got free. However, I would pay for this product as I love it!!!

So what do you think of these products? Do you use them? 



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