Friday, 17 January 2014

Kayliegh Land Stuns in Fanny Crown Paris.....

Recently I received and e-mail from Amy K from Fanny Crown Paris to take part in a styling competition. This competition is open to any bloggers that wish to take part just check out their contest page here. I was so exited when I looked at the website as there was so many dresses to choose from I was in a personal heaven. The gowns are more than you can imagine and I knew I was going to have a ball styling one..... When I could decide on one that was. If I had known about Fanny Crown when I had my debs it would have taken me 6 more months that it did to pick a dress.

What is Fanny Crown I hear you ask? Well it is an amazing online boutique, but not just any online boutique. All their dresses are handmade to your measurements, therefore each and every dress that leaves them is a unique masterpiece. This is one of the special features of this boutique you send them all your measurements (bust, waits, hips, hollow of the neck to the floor, etc.) and your chosen dress is tailored to your body so it hugs it perfectly. An extra added bonus is that the dresses come with a built in bra so you don't have to traipse round the lingerie shops with your custom dress trying on bras to find the perfect one for the dress. Each dress is a collaboration of many designers and everything from the pattern making to the embroidery and beading is done by hand. No machines here, this ensures that you get the highest standard of work for your special occasion. Fanny Crown have formal dresses for any occasion you may need from evening dresses to wedding dresses just see for yourself here.

The rules of this styling contest are really simple you pick one of these unbelievable dresses and fully style it from top to bottom, say where you would wear it and why you like it. They are offering some amazing prizes also:

  • Grand prize ~ winning a dress of your choice FREE OF CHARGE!!!
  • 3 Exceptional articles ~ win €100 voucher.
  • Unlimited qualifying articles will win €50 voucher.
If you ask me this is well worth the time as they have a 97% qualifying rate so you are in with a good chance of being rewarded for your hard work.

Don't worry I am getting onto my choice. There is always certain look and styles that will be classic and breath taking forever and my choice I believe is one of them. It took me 5 hours to decide on a dress, yes 5 hours and 50 mind changes I finally narrowed it down to 2 dresses. Then it took me a further hour to decide between the two dresses, oh what first world problems these are.

So without further adieu this is my vintage inspired look.......

 This Splendid Bateau Long Black Evening dress screams classic sex appeal. With the top half of the dress Audery Hepburn al la Breakfast at Tiffany's (my favorite actress and film!), while the bottom half is Angelina Jolie at the 2012 Academy Awards- classic yet sexy. This is the type of dress that I would wear to a college ball, debs or if I ever got the chance to a Galla Ball, its elegant, understated and timeless. To power phrase Karl Langerfield your never over or under dressed in a black dress.

Where to start?...... You have to be so careful when styling such a simple black chiffon A-line dress as it has limited detailing with just the white pearl bateau neckline. You do not want to over shadow the simple beauty of it with your accessories so I kept them simple and elegant.
Bag ~ I have decided to play up the white pearl neckline with this stunning Marchesa Lilly embellished mesh box clutch. It has that vintage look to it that I am so in love with and it adds a special touch to the look over all.

Jewelry ~ This Stephen Webster bracelet from his Rayman collection compliments the neckline of this dress. It is a two rowed beaded bracelet with Howlite beads and oxidized textured sterling silver spacers and clasp. The ring is a lovely Mitch Preston white gold .76 ct diamond ring because what hand is not complete without a ring to draw attention?

Shoes ~ Could you pair any other shoes with this dress but the classic Christian Louboutin? You could not in-vision this dress with any shoe. The Louboutin I have chosen is the signature black sued platform Lady Duf Mary Jane pump. What could look better?

Now you have your dress, shoes and accessories sorted you need to think of your make up, hair and manicure. 

Now I can be as pail as a bed sheet at times so I would tan with Cocoa Brown Night to Day tan and apply a light coat to give me a golden glow. As for hair I would lightly curl it with rollers and a curling iron so there is lift and subtle, natural curls and pin it to one side in a lightly put together bun one side of the back of the head al la Lauren Conrad. For the nails I am picking up the red in the Louboutin soles with this NARS nail polish in Dovima.

As for make up I would keep it natural with a natural toned smokey eye using the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. Then define the eyes with subtle winged eyeliner using a liquid liner and a few coats of MAC Fasle Lash Effect mascara (again very Lauren Conrad inspired). To pick up the red sole in the Louboutin again I have decided to have a deep red lip using Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in blood red to add a pop of vibrant color to the overall look. And finish everything with a spritz of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume, this is my ultimate indulgence fragrance with the light lemony scent it has make you feel so fresh and ready to face anything.

So there you have it, that is how I would style this stunning classic style dress. This dress is an investment as it is something that will never go out of style no matter what season as it has both modern and classic elements to it. You will never regret spending the money on this dress as you will always find an occasion to wear it.

Fanny Crown have offices all over the world in major cities such as Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and more. They are dedicated to making their customers happy and to help you have a magical day in your dress whatever the occasion. Make sure you check out and support Fanny Crown on all their platforms of....

Fanny Crown being the wonderful people the are have given me a discount code for all you lovely reader out there. The code is valid until the 7th of March which is perfect for all you looking for a dress for a college ball or a debs. This code entitles you to 15% off your purchase online. 

Discount Code: KAYLIEGHL14

I hope you have had as much fun reading my styling post as I did writing and researching it for Fanny Crown Paris and put the discount code to good use! 

Let me know what you think of my styling!




  1. Still love your choice, hope you redeem your voucher against this it would rock on ya!


    1. Ah yeah I will, I love this dress, just have to wait until I have somewhere to go in it, will have to persuade sean to go to one of his big college balls so I can wear it.


    2. Pfft, get it, have it just in case and then he has no excuse not to go! :D