Wednesday, 22 January 2014

10 Skin Care Products under €10

You can write a list of the beauty supplies you need and look up prices and it can shock you at times, I know it happens to me when I look at how much things will cost. Unfortunately this is the price we have to pay for beauty. Men don't really realize how good they have it when they can roll out of bed, a quick shower, dress and be on their way. That is noting compared to what us girls have to go through and the kind of money we have to drop for us to look half decent. As many of you know I pride myself on beauty on a budget and I buy products that don't cost a fortune and that work really well. I have chosen 10 skin care products I use all the time that are very effective and cost under €10!


Simple Spotless Skin Trippe Action Face Wash € 4.99 ~ I use this every morning and night before I go to bed. It keeps my skin spot free and smooth. You can get this from retailers nation wide such as Tesco, Dunnes and Boots.

Simple Kind To Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion €3,99  ~ This is the best cleanser I have ever used! My skin feels so clean and fresh after I use it and all simple kind to skin products are suitable for sensitive skin.

Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner €4.29 ~ Again, the best toner I have ever used. This is slightly dearer than other Simple products I use but it is well worth it as it lasts forever! 

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser €3.99 ~ This leaves my skin so soft, I love it. I can not recommend Simple products enough to anyone who has sensitive skin, dry skin, or any kind of skin for that matter. 

Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer €6.49 ~ I was a skeptic for a while about primer but now I don't think I could live without it. I love this primer as it moisturises the skin at the same time.

Carmex Mositurising Lip Blam €3.39 ~ This has to be my favorite lip balm of all time. I have used it since I was 14 year old and I have used different ones over the years but this is the one I always go back to. This leaves my lips feeling so soft and kissable and a tub of it lasts forever!

Mudd Original Mask Deep Cleansing Pure Clay Formula €1.50 ~ I am a girl who loves pampering myself with a mud mask, bubble bath and a good book or film on a regular basis. I like to try out different types of masks but Clay masks will always be my go to mask. This clay formula leaves my skin feeling so soft as it removes any dead skin cells and cleans out any dirt or make up that has clogged my pores. This €1.50 pack is what they call a trial pack but I usually get two applications out of this when I have sealed it up tight to keep the clay moist.

Johnson's Holiday Skin Body Lotion €5.99 ~ I love having a natural healthy glow to my skin to help me look less sick! I like this one as it does not leave that fake tan after smell that you can get from tans and gradual tans. I apply this each day to build up a natural looking tan.

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion €4.46 ~ I use this one to get a subtler change in my skin color. This is more of a tint rather than a tan unlike Johnson's it is a slower change and you have to apply it over a longer time but I love it none the less.

Cocoa Brown Day To Night Tan €6.90 ~ This is my go to instant tan! It is an Irish product and I love supporting Irish made products. This can also be used as a gradual tan also. I apply it at night all over and it leaves me with a deep tan, in the morning I wash it off and I am left with a subtle glow. I saw the suggestion about using it as a gradual tanner also and it does work. I have used it the past week and I am left with a nice healthy glow for days! 

That is my 10 under €10 for skin care products. Let me know what you think of these products and what you would like to see next :)



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