Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Product Review ~ Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick

I have never been a huge fan of lipsticks I have always been a gloss kind of person myself. I never liked having to reapply the lipstick over and over again throughout the night; however, there are a few exceptions and this Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick is one of them.

The color I chose was "Rich" and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I could not bring myself to just walk past it and not buy it. As I said I was never a huge fan of lipsticks but I think this many have converted me. It has been my go to lippy for any make up look recently as it glams up even the most natural of make up and is a real statement look. It is rather like a burgundy color but it is just amazing!!!

It is highly pigmented so it gives great coverage weather you apply it with a lip brush or you use the stick to apply it to the lips and comes in 13 different colors. I love that it is so lightweight on my lips that I sometimes forget I am wearing it and it is quiet long lasting depending if you are eating or drinking obviously. As well as it being lightweight and highly pigmented it leaves your lips feeling lovely and moisturized also. It comes in a lovely mirror effect case and just screams out "Use Me!!!". The tube is shaped well enough that you can slip it into your jeans pocket, it will fit nicely into a clutch bag or even into a small make up bag to take out with you. This is just a short list of reasons I would recommend this product.

I have worn this for my graduation, dates, a party (or sessions as my boyfriends friends call them), and just to make my look stand out on a daily basis. As always you do have to choose between your eyes and lips when it comes to make up, you could not wear this shade with a heavy dark eye look, you have to keep everything else natural. I always keep things natural when I wear this shade with just a slight winged eye liner, mascara, foundation and as always I contour my make up (you can see how I contour in my pictorial here and my YouTube video here).

You can purchase this lipstick from any good Boots store for €6.29 which is well worth paying for such a good lippy. I use this about 4 or 5 days of the week and I am not even half way through my tube and I bought it back in November, if that is not good value for money then I don't know what is. It is a perfect shade for those who like the 90's grunge scene, or even if you just want a change from your regular shade you use over and over again.

Have you used the Seventeen Supreme Shine range? What do you think of the dark lip that has been trending for a long time now? Let me know :)



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