#SOTD ~ "Here's To Never Growing Up" Avril Lavigne


 "Here's To Never Growing Up" ~ Avril Lavigne 

I think I am like a lot of people just out of college and I am afraid of having to be a real adult. When I think about it I have spent sixteen years of my life in school and college where you have been sheltered to some degree and  now I ma thrown into the world. When I look at some people I went to school with and they have families of their own now and a job and I am just sat here like "I don't want to be an adult". I am 23 and I don't feel it at all, I don't feel old enough to have a college degree and be in a long term relationship, but I know I have to be. Sometimes I wish I could sit in my bedroom that I have grown up in with my I-pod in and forget about the outside world, but it is still there and it isn't going away.

So here is to never really growing up!



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