#SOTD ~ "Some Might Say" Oasis


"Some Might Say" ~ Oasis

Oasis... Where to start?! Well they are AWESOME!!!!!! Oasis is on every single playlist on my i-pod, no playlist is complete without Oasis. They are the sound of  the 90's, they will be on peoples I-Pods for years to come. I will probably have every single Oasis song in the segment at some point or another. Oasis are the perfect summer band, I love chillin in my garden sunbathing (when the weather is nice that is) with a beer and Oasis blasting from the speakers, a summers day does not get any more perfect than that! The one question I have been asked the most when people find out I am from Manchester is "Oasis or Blur?". There is no contest when it comes to those two it is Oasis every time, they kick butt!!!!! It is such a shame they are no longer together and touring because if they were I would be getting tickets anyway I could. The most recent tv show that their music has been featured in is a show called "My Mad Fat Diary" which I became addicted to. It is amazing and definitely worth the watch!

The first series of My Mad Fat Diary is on 4OD at the moment and the second series is currently on E4! I totally advise you to watch it :)



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