#SOTD "When You're Looking Like That" Westlife


"When You're Looking Like That" ~ Westlife

I don't really think any girl in Ireland did not have at least a little soft spot for these guys. I was crazy about Westlife along with my good friend. We always said we would make it to one of their concerts and then one year for my birthday my mum got me a ticket to go and see them, needless to say I was bouncing off the walls. However, come the day of the concert I was a sick as a dog! Despite my acting skill I could not fool my mother and I could not go so I gave my good friend the ticket, she was over the moon she got to go. So as I led in bed while my mum, sister and my friend got ready to go and see them, I was heartbroken! 
This is a super fun song to sing before you go out with your girlies, like me and my friend have done many a time. This is just one of their songs that will feature in my song of the day posts I am sure.

Are you a Westlife fan???



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