Lets Talk Blog Challenge ~ Summer Essentails


So it is the second week of the #LetsTalkBlogChallange by the lovely Sarah of At The Beauty Desk. This week it is all about our summer essentials. Now everyone has different tings that they can not live without during summer and is this summer is anything like last year I think my list will be getting longer! My summer essentials cover everything from music to drink to fashion so this is the things that makes a summer perfect for me!


Summer is all about relaxing and long days out with friends at the beach or park so you always want a look that is comfortable but can quickly be changed into a look you could hit up a session with too. I think summer fashion is a no brainier with things as simple as denim, tank tops and sneakers. 

Something I can not live with are tank tops, I have a draw full and still find myself buying more. At the moment Pennys have all their summer range in and there are some cute items such as these racer back tank top. However, I got mine like a month ago and they have not had any in my local branch recently so I am just hoping and praying they get more in before I go to America. They are so comfortable and the back strap falls between your shoulder blades so it is uber comfy so you don't have to worry about the straps falling down and it is form fitting with the stretchy material.

Summer is a time where we get our pins out in the hopes of get some natural colour on them. Denim shorts are just a given for summer I believe. They are something that are so handy to get your hands in stores and make them at the last minuet from an old pair of jeans that are lying around the house. Again at the moment Pennys have some really cute ones in with the summer range for very good prices. This is an item that you can wear with your tank and sneakers but also dress up with a top and heals to hit the town with. 

Converse sneakers are something I can not love without year round, I wear them every day and I find them so comfy and they can go with anything from jeans, to skirts to dresses and everything in between. If I had my choice I would wear them everywhere I had to go form interviews to nightclubs but there are just some occasions you can not wear them. You can get these ever where and even Pennys have their version of them, I have never wore their version as I get my cons as part of my Christmas present every year from my dad and they last me the year.

Summer time = Floral time! I love it when all the florals come out for summer. I think every girl should have a floral dress or two in her closet for summer as again this is a versatile piece. You can wear them for any occasion and they are so cute! If you can not tell I am in love with florals and I have about four or five floral print dresses in my closet and another my mum gave to me that was here engagement party dress that she got in the 80's and it is still so cute! I have to get into that dress by the time I go away in three months, even if I have to not eat for the next three months I will fit into my mums dress! Floral patterns are timeless as long as the pattern is not too busy so they are always a good investment and with a pair of cons, basic flats or heals you are set for any occasion.

Last but not least a simple pare of aviator sunglasses to top off any summer look a la Lauren Conrad.

Skin & Hair

As we all know the summer sun, as much as we love it, can play havoc with our skin so it is so important to protect it at all times. So along with my every day skin care routine I use the following products.

During the summer it is really important that you use a foundation with SPF in it and I recommend any of the No7 foundations as they all have SPF in them. 

As I burn so easily and adult sun cream does not go up high enough I have to buy the kids range. I use the Boots Soltan kids range as it is SPF 50 and it stops me buring!

You need to keep your lips hydrated also in that simmer sun and I am in love with the Kardashian Beauty Sheer Joy lip balms as they hydrate as well as containing tint that lasts all day. You can get these off of Cloud 10 Beauty.

Finally, hair never does what it is told to in the summer so this year this got2b Beach Matt spray is going to be my life saver and you can read why here.

Food & Drink

Summer is full of get together full of drinking and eating. For me summer is the start of salad season. As soon as summer sets in I eat salads for lunch and dinner and I love it! The freshness of the salad leaves and you just know your body is thanking you for it.

Another food I love are Lemons! I would sit and eat a raw lemon I just love them, so when I get the chance to make fresh home made lemonade I jump at the chance. Just the bitterness and how it catches that part of your jaw by your ear, I love it. It screams summer for me!

Summer time with my boyfriend and his friends equates to one long session. When I think about it what summer would be complete without a good drinking session with friends or a drink down the local in the beer garden?


Summer soundtrack, everyone has one. There is always that one band or album that just defines summer for you. What's mine you ask? Well being a manchunian at heart is has to be the one, the only OASIS! The album that is just summer is their Time Flies album. It has every sing you need to just sit back and relax in the garden, a session or a BBQ. Just the flow of the music it just screams summer. This summer if you are into britpop, rock or alternative then this is the album for you. 

Just add good friends and the sun and there you have it! My summer essentials and my recpie for the perfect summer! Remember you can keep up with everyone doing the challenge by searching #LetsTalkBlogChallenge on twitter!



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  1. Brilliant post kayliegh, you've included everything, As I said cons are my favourite (I would have included a pic of mine in my post but they are on their last legs and just not the best things photograph at the moment) and floral flowey dresses, totally agree (although anything with flowers and I'm sold). I must check out that lip balm on cloud 10 beauty, sounds amazing. I really want a fresh lemonade right now, you've got my taste buds going now at the thought of a fresh drink while sitting in the sun.

    1. I love the lip balms, they are not too expensive so that is a bonus! I am in love with fresh lemonade I make it when ever I can during the summer, it is like summer in a glass!