Monday, 26 May 2014

#LetsTalkBlogChallenge Magazine vs Blogging

Week 5 of this challenge created by Sarah at At The Beauty Desk.This is all about magazines vs blogging! Now as a blogger I know I should really side with blogging on this argument but I love magazines. Now don't get me wrong I love reading other peoples blogs and seeing reviews of people just like me. This is like the kindle vs book argument I love reading books there is just something about holding the book in your hand, and for me it is the same with magazines. However, I love the convenience of a kindle, I like both so I am never going to settle this argument I am afraid but here are my views on both!

I buy magazines once a week, I don' think I could live without them! I buy U Magazine every second week when a new issue comes out, the following week I buy Stellar, then Glamour and finally Cosmopolitan. I love how you have your gossip, beauty, fashion and food all in one magazine. I love that if you see something you love, like a make up look, you can just tear out the page and keep it in a folder to use later.

I love keeping a folder of things I have pulled out of these magazines. I pull out all the fashion pages so I can see what styles are trending. This takes up a lot of the folder and I have to clean it out after a while as there is not room left in it. I am also a huge fan of the hair and make up tutorials that U Magazine have in all their issues. I love pulling these out and using them to play about with my make up looks for nights out. I have to say for €1.70 this is a well worth while magazine. When I am traveling I love to buy magazines to read at the airport and I love how all the major magazine companies are now taking out travel size copies of each edition. It was always a pain to try and fit a full A4 sized magazine into your bag as you were boarding the plane.

I love reading blogs too  (I am so sorry I could not fit everyone on here, these were just the first ones to pop up onto my bloglovin feed). There are so many amazing blogs out there and everyone has something different to say or write about. I can't tell you how many products I have purchased just because I have read a great review on them. I think if I had not started reading beauty blogs then my bank account would look a lot healthier than it does right now hahaha.
I think the blog that I love the most and read all the time is Justified By Jemo written by Claire. She is a good friend from college and she has unbelievable fashion sense and has helped with fashion styling for fashion shows for stores such as Brown Thomas, she has competed and won styling competitions, she writes a fashion segment for her local newspaper and has recently worked on styling Nathan Carlin Rosanio for a shoot. Defiantly give her a follow if you love fashion, she has done amazing for herself going from sitting on a psychology lecture with me and our friend to styling models for shoots and writing for a local newspaper, GO CLAIRE!!!!
Here are all the links to other blogs I read over and over!
Red Lips; Red Hair (couldn't leave a good buddy off my list!)
And many many more.....

I think as a blogger it is always important to read other blogs and acknowledge the hard work and time people have put into blogs. I know it makes my day when I get a comment as it means someone has sat there and taken the time to read what I think, so I try and do the same for others. I have the bloglovin app on my phone so I can always read and comment on the go. For magazines sales are the driving force so they are not very personal unlike blogs. Blogs really do have a personal touch, each blog has a touch of the writers personality may it be a joke, they style of writing or even just how they sign off and that is why I love blogs!

To sum up:

  • They are convenient
  • You don't need an internet connection
  • You can read them in the bath tub
  • You don't have to waste ink printing out things you love
  • They are personal
  • You can read anything at the touch of a button
  • You can see the views of a wide variety of people
  • You can help drive a person with just a few words left in a comment box under their post.

This is an argument I am never going to be able to pick sides for, I like both. Which do you prefer? Let me know and maybe hit the join this site button up on the right of this page :)




  1. Good idea about keeping pages from magazines! :) Might start doing that myself.
    Rach Xx

    1. It started out as one or two pages of make up and hair and just kept growing! I know once I get to two folders I have a problem! Its so handy to have all my blogging things in one place, I use the folder to write out blog posts and keep all my ideas together rather than having a load of papers hanging about.

  2. You're like me, love the feel of a book or magazine (I'm not a kindle fan, even if it is more convenient, I just love having actual books) I used to cut pictures out of magazines too, not done it in awhile actually but might go back to it now after reading this as it's great for post ideas.And thanks so much for including me on your blogging list, that's so lovely and sweet ;) Definitely agree that getting comments on your blog can really boost your confidence in your blog. I ended my post saying I like both as well, hard to pic a favourite between mags and blogs ;)

    1. I just could not choose, even though being a blogger I should really side with blogging but I love to sit down with a magazine and a cup of green tea and catch up on the latest trends and gossip in magazines. There is something almost nostalgic! Like I remember when you could only be on the internet for like 10 mins at a time because my mum needed the phone (okay it was only like 11 years ago) so you couldn't sit and read loads of web pages to read what you could get out of a magazine.
      I do love both and I don;t think I will ever change! I love getting comments because for me I am just happy that someone clicked on my blog and looked at it. I blog for my own satisfaction so its so nice when someone likes what you have thought!