Monday, 19 May 2014

#LetsTalkBlogChallenge ~ Survival Guide

This is week 4 of the #LetsTalkBlogChallenge by Sarah at At The Beauty Desk. I can't believe there are only 2 weeks left its mad! Anyway this week is all about survival guides for a night out, a wedding, a first date or a festival. I have chosen my survival guide for a night out.

Kayliegh Lands Night Out Survival Guide!

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff
Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan
Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip
My top tip for a night out is always plan in advance! I can never go out on a whim as I don't feel like I have
given myself enough time to get ready and prepare. So my survival guide begins the 2 days before I plan to hit the town. I always use Coca Brown tan so I will prepare my skin with the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff 2 days before and Chocolate Whip oil-free moisturizer daily. The morning of the day I am going out I will use the One Hour Tan from the Cocoa Brown range (if I want a darker tan I will use the Dark one hour tan) and leave it for three hours to get a dark coverage so I am not glow in the dark pale!

No7 Soft & Smoothed Toner
No7 Essential Moisture Day Fluid
No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser
Mudd Original Clay Face Mask
The night before I will give myself an at home facial. As I always mention I have such troublesome skin so I always want to make sure it looks its best for when I am going out with the boyfriend or my friends. There is nothing worse than when you make up is flaky because you do not have a  good base to work with. Here is a like to my At Home Facial, some of the products have changed since it is coming into summer and I have fallen in love with new products since I did this post. I cleanse my skin with the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser (review here); a Mudd Clay face mask to deep clean my pores; tone with No7 Soft & Smoothed Gentle Toner; and moisturise with No7 Essential Moisture day fluid.

TRESemme Heat Defense Spray
Now to the day of going out! I spend the whole day planning what I am going to wear (yes it takes me a whole day, sometimes even more). I usually go for something comfy but cute like a little black dress(you can never go wrong with a LBD) and a pair of black or colorful heals depending on how adventurous I feel. About three or four hours before I go out I have a shower and do all the girly things.

I hate having to rush my make up or hair so I give myself plenty if time to do these. I usually curl my hair to
go out in I just think when you curl your hair it gives added volume, bounce and it just adds sex appeal to any look. Always protect your hair before you go near it with any hair appliance, I would recommend the TRESemme eat defense spray. I use this all the time as well as the TRESemme liquid hair spray.

When going out my best girlfriend and I always get ready together so the drinks are flowing well before we go out, and if I am going out with my friend and his friends in Dublin there is always a pre-session so we are well on our way before we hit the town!

There are some things I always take with me when I go out, so I will usually have a big enough bag with me to fit all of the things in.

  • A pair of flat black shoes - I always have a pair of these in my bag in case I have a long way to walk or my feet get sore. They are an invaluable piece of foot ware for when you go out because no one wants to be walking down the street in their bare feet. If I don't have a pair of flats I will at least have a pair of little black socks for the same reason.
  • Breath Mints - These are a must! Weather you are steaming drunk and you want to get into a club or you are planning to pull someone you don't want bad breath!
  • Powder foundation and lip stick/gloss - There is always someone who needs a touch up during the night. 
  • ID - For obvious reasons.
  • Hair bobbles and bobby clips - There is always a point in the night where your hair starts getting on your nerves and you need something to make it look decent, whether it is in the club, in the taxi on the way home or at an after session and you just want to fall asleep. 
  • Emergency money -  When I go out I will always have two or three lots of emergency money each of which will get me home, one in the pocket of my bag, one in the back of my purse and one in the back of my phone. I have done this for about four years now since my purse was taken out of my bag when I was in a club. I was so upset, not over my money being taken, all I wanted was a guess purse back.
  • Have a buddy - This is a rule I stick by! I always have a buddy going into the club and coming out and getting home. You never know what could happen to your friend or yourself if you are drunk and alone. 
  • Keys - Always take a house key and have one hidden somewhere only you know in case you lose it on your night out.
  • Deodorant & Perfume - Just so you don't smell funky, we all know what pubs and clubs can make you smell like. 
  • Most importantly Have A Great Night!
So there we go, my survival guide for a night out!
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  1. I totally agree with tan and flats, a must have for a night out!

  2. Oh God, if only I still needed to bring ID with me on nights out! haha! I'd love if I still go asked... ;)
    Rach Xx

    1. I wish I didnt need it, but you feel kinda flattered when you are asked for it though :)

  3. Love a pamper the night before going out!

    1. If I don't do my night before routine I don't feel prepared to go out and I don't want to go

  4. I love spending ages getting ready before heading out, taking my time, having a few drinks with friends and getting ready is so much fun. So important to stick with each other and look out for one another too and having emergency money too..they make the night easier and less stressful ;)

    1. I think the pre-drinks can be more fun that actually going out! I love all the gossip that you find out before you go out. I agree if you have to worry about losing money you can't have a good time, no matter if I am out in Dublin or at home I always have an emergency plan.