Wednesday, 14 May 2014


 I was so excited when I saw this hung on the rack at Boots, I got a wave of excitement and nostalgia.
This is a product my mum used to used back in the 90's and I have not seen it in stores for years, so needless to say I grabbed it and took it to the check out as fast as I could. It is such a simple product but it is a product that allows me to wear lipstick without the fear it will transfer onto my boyfriend.
 Lipcote is a lipstick sealant which does not alter the shade or colour of your favorite lipstick. You simply apply your colour and then apply a light coat of this over your top and bottom lip with your lips separated while it dries. Once it is dry you can eat, drink and kiss without any transference.
 Would I recommend this product? Yes! I would recommend this t any of you who love to wear lipstick but hate having to constantly re-apply numerous times throughout the night. With a price of €4.25 and over 100 applications in a bottle, this is a beauty must have.

Have you tried this? Do you remember your mother using it? 
Tell me what you think. 



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