Sunday, 11 May 2014

Product Review ~ Water Wipes

I recently attended a blogger meet up which was organised by the lovely Hannah of Love Life and Make Up and we received a very generous and lovely gift bag full of lovely products for us bloggers to use and review (more reviews to come). One of which products were these water wipes. 

I have never seen these before so I was pleasantly surprised to receive a new product that is designed for sensitive skin. When I first looked at the packaging and saw there were alcohol free make up removal wipes I was a bit skeptical about if they would be able to remove eye make up. I have to say these wipes are something I will be purchasing when I find where I can buy them (so if any of you know please tell me!). I love wiping my face with baby wipes before I wash and cleanse my face so I am getting a really deep clean, so these are perfect. 

These wipes do not dry out even dry skin like mine so that is a big thumbs up in my book for them! They are made from purified water, sea mineral and grapefruit seed extract so they contain no chemicals or ingredients which could irritate the skin or cause any kind of allergic reaction from the user. With all natural ingredients including a natural cleanser they claim that the properties of the wipes can help to cleanse areas of problem dry skin. One thing I have found with other brands of facial wipes is that they can sometimes leave your skin feeling a little oily but these Water Wipes leave my skin feeling fresh and clean after every use. I am in love with these wipes and I am almost out so I really need to find a stockist here! They remove my make up so easily with no sting or redness around my eyes like other has in the past. 

I love these and would recommend you to at least give them a go and let me know what you think :)