Seventeen Miracle Matte Skin Primer


 As I have told you all in my tutorials I have combination skin so it can be very oily and dry at the same time,
so it is an endless chore to find a primer that cam make my make up last all day long. All I wish for is a primer that will stop my make up becoming shiny or malting off after a few hours of applying it.
 I came across this primer in Boots and decided to give it a go as it promises 22 hour shine control and a matte finish. I apply it to the areas that usually become shiny and oily and I found I can see a difference even before I apply my foundation.
 I have to say it does what it says by giving a matte finish but they are a little ambitious with the time they state. I get about 8 to 12 hours shine control but I am still impressed. It makes my make up look matte and I don't have to apply half as much powder over the day to keep the shine at bay.
 With a low price tag of €6.29 in Boots stores it is worth the money as you only use a tiny amount so it lasts a long time.

Have you used this? Do you have the same opinion or not? Would you recommend any other primer?
Let me know :)


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