Sunday, 27 July 2014

At Home Manicure

As girls it is in our nature to want to look good in every way possible but this can sometimes take a toll on our bank accounts. I love to have my hair and nails done but I don't always have the money to go out and get them done, so it is worth purchasing the items needed for an at home manicure as they can last for a long time.
At Home Manicure Basics - Essence Protecting Base Coat;
Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail varnish;
Essence Gel Look Top Coat; Cuticle Cutter;
Six Sided Nail Buffer; Nail File

  1. I like to start off with moisturizing and massaging my hands or even a quick 20min intensive hand treatment you can pick up from Pennys for around €2.50.
  2. With a good quality nail file I shape my nails to the desired length and shape (I like to alternate between square and rounded, at the moment I am sporting rounded nails!)
  3. I hate when my nails feel all rough and bumpy so I like to smooth them out with a six sided nail file and buffer you can pick up in Pennys for about €2.00.
  4. At this stage I like to take care of my cuticles and remove them if needed. My local Pennys have a great range of manicure tools at the moment and you can get simple cuticle removers like the pink one I have pictured for about €1.50 or you can get metal cutter ones for €2.50 (I purchased both just because I was so excited and I have been looking forever for one)
  5. So now that I have my nails prepared it is time to get some colour on to them. As always you need to start off with a base coat. Every make up line or nail varnish line out there has their own base coat and I have found them all to be the same so I don't really like spending a lot of money on one. I use one coat of the Essence Protecting Base Coat which you can pick up in Pennys for about €2.50.
  6. Picking a colour is always the hardest decision for me, I look in my draw and see so many I can not decide what one to use. At the moment I am wearing the Rimmel London Salon Pro from the Kate range in 244 Goddess. 
  7. To finish off all you need is a coat of top coat and you are ready. There are so many top coats you can get now but the one I love at the moment is the Essence Gel Look top coat which gives your nails a nice high shine finish. This retails at Pennys for about €2.50.
There we have it all the basics you need for an at home manicure for less than a price of going to a salon. 

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