Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Do Blondes Have More fun?

One of the age old questions "Do blondes have more fun?" is one I have wanted to know the answer to for a long time so this summer I decided to find it!

All our lives as girls we are bombarded with images of celebs in magazines or on tv who always look so perfect with their hair and make up all done and I don't think I am alone when I say I compare myself to these women. For years I have looked at blonde celebs such as Lauren Conrad, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston. All these women (to me) had the most amazing hair with such a light ethereal quality to it and me being a natural brunette was always quiet jealous of it. 
All my life I was always the friend with the darkest hair and darkest brown eyes and I always just wanted to be able to be like all my friends, even like my light brown haired friends. I always wanted to be a Marilyn instead of an Audrey who I had been all my life. So at the beginning of the summer (well Easter) I decided to take the plunge and make the change. I first tried to dye my hair at home with an at home bleaching kit, well that was a big mistake, the bleach just left me with a copper/orange hair colour so I made a hair appointment with my hairdressers ASAP! I have been going to the same hairdresser for years and she was shocked I had tried this when I am so protective over my hair. They were able to make it more like what I wanted thank the lord and it was a change when I looked up and I all of a sudden had a head of blonde hair.
I loved it! After 23 years of having a head of thick brown hair I now had a head of think blonde hair and I was in love. Hair styles that I have been doing for years suddenly looked so different and curls looked so much more defined, and the lightness of my hair made me look a lot more tanned that I usually look with dark hair.However, not all good things last forever and with a hefty price tag of €100 this look was not going to be around for too long. I had every intention of keeping my hair blonde and saving money each week so I could get it redone, but with saving for going to America at the end of the summer this became very hard to do so it was bye bye to my blonde days. It was not just a case of finding the money to keep on top of my roots I had to change all my make up colours which meant shopping (not that I am really upset about having to shop!) and learning what complimented my new hair and what worked and didn't work.

So I went from blonde back to brunette (well tried anyway). Here is where the DIY beauty girl came out in me again as I bought a brown hair dye that I liked the shade of and applied it. However, I forgot that I was putting a light-ish brown hair dye on top of blonde, and yes you guessed it, it came out just a darker blonde. As you would guess I was not very happy at this point, so another trip to boots was made and I had to purchase an even darker brown hair dye. Oh the thinks we do in the name of beauty. So that night I conditioned my hair within an inch of its life so I could make sure over the next few days it was in good enough condition to put the new dye on. After a few days, a lot of conditioner and a new dye I was finally back the dark brunette I had always been and I was happy. I am the kind of person who gets bored and play with my hair (if you have not noticed already) and I always have a bottle of hair dye in my draw for some reason, so I came across an ombré and decided to try it out. I had looked up reviews of the kit and tried to find out if it would work on dyed hair and I could not get a definitive answer so I thought "what the hell" and tired it. I was very surprised when it worked and looked quiet well. Alas I got bored with it as ombré (in my opinion) only looks well when the hair is curled and I got tired of curling my hair everyday to make it look decent, so now I am back to my full brunette glory!

So back to the question 'Do Blondes Have More Fun?'. In my experience, nope. I found that even though being blonde had some perks, I love being on the dark side! Yes, being blonde did make me look tanned and my curls did seem more defined but all that was outweighed by the price of maintenance. I was born on the dark side and I found that in my 23 years I have been brunette I have fallen in love with my dark hair. And as for the Marilyn Monroe 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'? Well my boyfriend loves me with my dark hair more than light hair, so what have you to say about that Marilyn? I have always been more of a 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' girl myself anyway.

Have any of my fellow brunettes taken a trip to the blond side? Or have you thought about it?
Let me know your experiences and what you think on this matter :)



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