Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I Woke Up Like This!

I have had a set of these Sleep In Rollers for a while now and I have loved them so much that when I was at the beauty show at the beginning of March I had to get more (2 more packs to be exact!). In each box I got 20 (2 packs of 10) soft sleep in rollers, 12 pink hair grips, a pouch with bobby pins and a bag to keep it all in. Not a bad box for only €10 (beauty show price)!

I have always loved rollers as they create so much volume in my hair and give the appearance of full luscious locks. However, I have found that the hard velcro rollers have been leaving my hair full of static lately but these soft ones create no static at all!

I put them in my hair with about 1-2 inch sections, so for my hair I use about 22 of the rollers, and leave them to set. I section my hair off into about 4 layers and then section the layer into about 3 or 4 1-2 inch sections. I hold the section of hair up and then roll the roller down towards the scalp to create maximum volume at the root (I apologise for the no make up face in the picture). I have used them on both freshly washed damp, dry hair, and second day hair. I found that freshly washed dry hair holds the volume better than any other.

I have not yet slept in these rollers but my mother has and she has assured my that you do not feel a thing! I love the amount of volume that these rollers add to my hair even just after 1 hour! As I take the roller out I slightly back comb the root to hold the lift all day. It is safe to say I am in love and these will come everywhere with me from now on.

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