Monday, 9 March 2015

Irish Beauty Show 2015 Haul

This weekend I went to the Irish Beauty Show with the lovely Amy from Red Lips; Red Hair in search of some bargains and shopping. I was very surprised when my boyfriend decided he would tag along and spend the day there with me. I was very pleased with myself that I set a budget and I would not go over it, I surprised myself even more and got the things I wanted and did not go over budget! We got at the RDS for 10am on Sunday morning and even then the queue was already half way around the car park, luckily it was a nice enough morning so it was not too bad having to wait. When we got in there was so many companies and products to chose from I was a little overwhelmed to be honest. Of course we headed for the stalls of our favorite products first and supported some great Irish brands!

Being total Cocoa Brown fans we hit this stall first, it was so cheerful, girly and PINK! The girls there were so nice and friendly I would have loved to stand there and chat all day. As we got chatting to Stephanie I was talking about how disappointed I was that I purchased a can of the new Dark 1 Hour Tan and it would not come out of the can like it should. She was so apologetic (even though it was not her fault I got a defective can) and wanted to know so they could avoid it happening again and she even gave me a free bottle of the tan! The stall had a great offer of two products for €10 so as I only needed one product Amy and I decided to get one product each and split the price. I purchased a new tube of Tough Stuff as I had run out 2 days before in preparation for my tan. Later on in the day Marissa Carter the creator was there and I am so disappointed I didn't get to meet her as she has created an amazing product! You can see my full run through of the Cococ Brown products here. I would recommend everyone who is new to tanning or who has been tanning for a long time to use Cocoa Brown as it rocks!!!!!

I next invested in some new hair rollers. I have used velcro rollers for years as I have always love the lift they give my hair. I got my first set of these sleep in rollers last November and I loved them so when I saw them at the show I knew I had to buy some more. The stall had an amazing offer of 4 products from the bargain bins for €10 and 3 boxes of rollers for €20, so once again Amy and I took advantage of the offer with me buying 2 boxes and she bought one. Amy purchased the set with the blow dry hat and I got two of the roller sets (one for me and one my mum for Mothers day). In the set you got 20 soft rollers, a drawstring bag to keep them in, 12 pink hair grips and a pouch with bobby pins. I find these are great rollers and for the price you can not beat the value. One more plus to them is they are PINK!!!!! I am loving pink at the moment so anything pink is a winner. However, no matter how many bobby pins there is in the pouch I know I am going to lose them just like the other 50 million I ave bought over the past year! If someone can tell me where all these missing bobby pins go it would be great...

We also hit Blank Canvas where they had great deals with eye brushes only €5 and face brushes only €10, I did not get any brushes but I did buy one of their beauty blending sponges for only €5! I am a fan of blending sponges so I have wanted to try this one for a while and at only €5 I could not pass it up. There were many colors to choose from but of course I chose a pink one! Here I met the lovely Sinead of The Make Up Chair. Amy, Sinead and myself stood there talking about Pretty Little Liars and our theories of who 'A' may be and I even got a spoiler of this last weeks episode that I have not watched yet (but as Sinead is so nice I will let that one slide). Even though I love my Blank Canvas brushes I have I did restrain myself as I knew my favorite Irish brush band was there and I was saving myself!

 The last stall I bought something from as we were leaving was Nima Brush. I knew they were going to be at there and I really had to restrain myself and limited myself to a few products. I have wanted a Nima mit since the #LLAMMeetUp last year and this was the perfect opportunity to get one as it was €3 and my cleanse off mit has seen better days (and I want to compare it to my cleanse off mit) and its PINK. I then chose to buy a new brush (its not like I have enough already haha) so I treated myself to the CJ for just €14. As I have the best boyfriend ever he decided to treat me to something of my choice, which was hard for me to choose something as I love all Nima products but I finally settled on one of their fantastic brush tubes. I have needed something that I can use both for traveling and storing my brushes on my vanity for a long time so this was a logical decision. I went for their pale pink tube and I can not wait to use it and see how it looks with all my candles on my vanity table. Here is where I dropped the most money but they were great bargains with the brush tube reduced from €25 to €15 for the duration of the beauty show. Don't forget girls that Nima Brush are now doing a brush of the month deal so each month you can add to your collection with their brush of the month being half price! I know I will be taking full advantage of the offer and stocking up!

So that is my haul from this years Irish beauty show and I can guarantee in a week or two I will be saving for the next show. It is is worth going especially when you register for your ticket and get it for free! You can spend an hour there or you could spend the whole day and go to all the seminars and demos. However, after a few hours it starts to get really busy and crowded and I am just not into crowds so we left after about 2 hours. As we were leaving we saw the queue to get in was just as long as when we were going in so I was glad we left when we did and got everything done early. All in all I had a great time and I am most definitely going again!

Did you go to this years Irish Beauty Show? Did you get any bargains?
Let me know :)



  1. So much spending... And so little buyers remorse!!!

    1. So worth it, when I get back from England in 2 weeks I am going to start saving for the next one!!!!!

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