It Works wrap review


I was asked by the lovely Christina Probeyahn who is an independent distributor of It Works wraps at . I looked up the product and I decided that a review from a bigger woman would be good to see how the results come out. I got this and within a day day or two I started using them. I received enough product for two applications so I got two of the wraps, 15ml of defining gel and all the information I could ask for about the product. I have ti state here that I was not a huge fan of this product, however, that could be from what I read about it and I have come from a background where I have suffered from an eating disorder in my younger years. Along with this I am currently on the slimming world diet with which I am seeing amazing results.

The wrap claims to tighten, tone, firm, minimize cellulite appearance and improve skin texture in just 45 mins with continued results over 72 hours. The wrap is made of "non-woven cloth" with a lotion of natural ingredients. You remove the wrap from its packaging and apply it to the chosen area and you leave it for 45 min (or longer if you wish) and go about your business. As this wrap focuses on water loss it is required of you to drink half your weight (in pounds) in fluid ounces per day. After the time is up you remove the wrap and rub in any lotion left on your skin, over the next two days you then use the defining gel. The toning gel is an intensive gel that claims to hydrate skin, reduce the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite along with firming properties.

Left: Before Wrap 1                     Right: After Wrap 1

To the left is a comparison of my stomach before and after my first wrap. The left is before my first wrap and the right is after my first wrap. I chose to use these on my stomach as it has always been an area I have not liked on my body no matter what weight I have been. I also thought this would be the best place to trial these products. I have to say that I did not see any difference at all and I was quiet disappointed. Over the next 3 days I applied the defining gel once a day.

Left: Before Wrap 2                   Right: After Wrap 2

To the right there is a comparison of my stomach before and after my second wrap 3 days after my first wrap. During this time between wraps I did notice a difference but I can not just out it down to the wrap as I am on a diet which is very effective and healthy. Over the next three days I did not see any more of a visible difference therefore these are the images I wish to leave this review at.

Like I said I can not put the difference solely down to this product as I have seen these kind of differences  before while on my diet. I just want to take a second and address the water intake that is required fro this process, I found that when it came to having dinner or lunch I was not hungry and I was skipping breakfast and lunch a lot of the days and I found that I was falling back into my old eating habits where I would fill up on the water so I was not eating as much. I don't believe you should use this product if you have or have had an eating disorder or you have the mindset of someone with an eating disorder. I can not speak for everyone in the same bucket as me but I know that even though I have been eating more like a person should be the past few years (I still get bad periods where I fall of the wagon), the water intake was a trigger for me and I found myself drinking even more water than was required.

I have spoken to other people who are reviewing this product and they did see visible results but I think that the negative I experienced (due to my past and mindset) outweighed the positive for me. To be honest with you readers I would recommend healthy eating such as Slimming World and exercise over these wraps. Now my research has shown me that with continued use you can see visible results but it is not something that I will be continuing with.

Let me know what you think about products like this one :)


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