Friday, 13 March 2015

Purple Smokey Eye with Sleek Cosmetics

I have not really put any make up looks on here for a long time so today I was messing around with some of my palettes that I have not used before and I came up with this look.

I have had my Sleek palettes for a while and they are not colors that I would usually go for (they are not just a nude palette haha), they are more out there colors! For this look I used the Sleek Vintage Romance palette which I got in boots for €9.99. The pigmentation in these eye shadow is just amazing.

I started off with my usual routine with Benefit Porefessional to give myself a smooth pore free base for my foundation. I then used the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation. I am not too impressed with this foundation but it is only the first time I have used it as I got it on sale for €4 in the Clearys sale after Christmas. To contor I have been loving the Seventeen Define and Conquer palette lately as you can build up the intensity very easily. With a price tag of only €8 you can not go wrong! To add a touch of color to my cheeks I used the Sleep Blush By 3 palette in Flame and used the shade Furnace as it is not too red or pink it is just the perfect shade for my skin tone.

Next thing to do is my eyes! I usually start with a primer (but as I was taking it off after so I didn't bother). I am using the Vintage Romance palette and I am using the three first purple shades on the bottom row. I applied A Vow In Venice all over the lid as a base. To the crease I applied Marry Me In Monte Carlo and blended out slightly. And finally I used Honeymoon In Hollywood to blend out the crease. The three shades give a lovely graduated smokey effect. To line my lashes and create a slight wing I used crave from my Urban Decay Naked Basics with an angled brush. Lashes are the favourite part of any eye look for me and I am in love with these Eylure Cheryl lashes, so I apply a coat of L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes So Couture So Black mascara and then apply the lashes for a more full and glam lash look. To fill in my brows I use the Soap & Glory Archery brow crayon and tint, I just fill them in with the crayon side of the pen.

I kept my lips really simple and nude. I sued just two different lip liners to create the look. First of all I applied the Essence lipliner in the shaed 11 'In The Nude' and filled in just the center of the lips. Secondly I then went over the lip line with the darker Wet 'n' Wild coloricon lip liner in willow on the outer edges of the lips and then filled in the corner of the lips to meet the lighter shade. To blend these two shades I just used a lip brush until I was satisfied with the lips.

I am not one for any wild colors on the eyes but I am in love with this look. It is so simple and quick you could do it in 10 to 15 mins!


  1. Love that nude lipliner from Essence, I use it nearly every day!! Gorgeous look, that Sleek eye palette has some beautiful shades!

    1. I am in love with it! The lip liner goes on so well and I find that it is really light weight so I will often forget I have it on! This is my first look with the sleek palette and I am very happy with it :)